Let me begin by making the following statement, so there can be no confusion:

I like Mark Sweeney. The few occasions that I’ve met him, he was personable and pleasant. He seems to be a really nice guy to everyone he meets, no matter what.

Now, having gotten that out of the way, Fox Sports San Diego needs to stop putting Sweeney in the play-by-play booth. Like, immediately and forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Sweeney does a halfway decent job as a studio analyst. He should keep doing that.

However, when he shows up for those three innings during home games as the third wheel in the booth between Don Orsillo and Mark Grant, the life gets sucked right out of the broadcast. Whenever he’s in the broadcast booth, I find myself tuning out of the action of the game and doing other things while the TV stays on as background noise. When he subs for Mud on occasion, I find myself wishing that there wasn’t a delay between the radio and TV feeds.

Now that Dick Enberg and his Dickisms have retired from everyday play-by-play life, Sweeney has taken up the mantle of driving some Friars’ fans to drink.

Here are the guidelines for the Sweenalysis drinking game.

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Four years ago, I started a project out of, quite frankly, spite and disappointment.

I now feel a responsibility to maintain this thing I started.

Because the Padres Twittersphere is an ever-evolving entity. Players and people leave, sometimes even of their own accord. Some who have stayed have changed their Twitter usage to not be all that interesting of a follow anymore. Still others just seem to have given up the medium altogether.

Some do a bit of all of that, sailing off into the distance in silence, like a sailboat in the night.

So, here we are. The fourth iteration of my “Padres Must-Follow” Twitter list.

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fssd1Fox Sports San Diego announced the San Diego Padres 2017 Spring Training broadcast schedule today, and it may surprise you how many games that FSSD is going to broadcast this spring.

This season, FSSD is going to carry 14 Spring Training games, all from Arizona. All but one game will be live, with the March 11 game against the Milwaukee Brewers being shown on tape delay. The Padres will also play the World Baseball Classic team from Mexico on March 7.

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Last week I had the pleasure of touring some of Petco Park’s television production facilities. These aren’t the first photos I’ve published: in 2009 I posted photos from inside the Cox Channel 4 broadcast trailer back at the original Sacrifice Bunt. Hard to believe it’s been seven years.

This tour has more going for it: bigger, better photos, more locations, and a special, secret spot I’ve never seen of a tour visit. You’ll have to wait patiently to see what it is though. Or scroll to the bottom of this article, I guess.

First up is the trailer used by the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) to cover the Orioles broadcast:

padres masn production trailer

This the MASN trailer that houses the producers who tell everyone what to do, and display graphics on screen. Behind this photo is a sign with a flamingo on it that says “No Flamingo’ing.” I thought “Flamingo’ing” was some sort of technical jargon, but it just means “Don’t lean with your foot on the wall.”


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padrestwitterIt’s that time of year again. Two years ago, I published what I considered to be the most comprehensive list of Padres-related Twitter accounts that I thought every Padres fan should be following. I updated it as needed as players were traded or people changed jobs, but that just got time-consuming and monotonous.

I redid the entire thing exactly one year later, with new accounts added and others removed, mostly due to repetitiveness or just no longer existing.

I revisited it this month, and what follows are the results.

Some are informative follows. Some are humorous. Some are both. But all of them, I guarantee*, will improve your Padres Twitter experience.

*Guarantee void in Tennessee. And everywhere else, for that matter. I guarantee nothing except eventual death.
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Fox Sports San Diego announced earlier today, that Julie Alexandria will be taking over as the San Diego Padres sideline reporter for the 2016 season. She replaces Kris Budden, who spent the previous two seasons in that role.

Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, Mike Pomeranz and Mark Sweeney, will all be returning to their previous roles, while former Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo will be joining the broadcast team in an unknown capacity.

This will be Alexandria’s 3rd MLB team that she has worked for, after the New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

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Exactly 364 days ago, I compiled a list of all of the Twitter accounts that Padres’ fans should be following. It did not come without controversy, as I had complaints from people who thought they should be on it throughout the course of the year.

I updated it in January, adding some and removing others. Since then the Padres made moves on and off the field, changing who should and shouldn’t be on the list.

I have updated it once again. Some accounts are gone, others have been added. Some are still not on it.

To be honest, some of these accounts I don’t follow. On @GhostofRAK, that is. However, I’ve included them because they have some connection to the Padres or Padres’ fans that might interest you.

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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Fox Sports San Diego began broadcasting Padres games during the 2012 season. It followed a 15-year run by Channel 4 San Diego, with the broadcast switching hands from a group with established infrastructure to what was essentially a brand new television station. With the short timeline and lack of a studio, Fox Sports set up a stage (along with equipment) for pre/post-game shows at the Tony Gwynn statue in the Park At The Park. It’s unsightly, and an obstruction to what’s supposedly a tribute to the greatest Padre. Fans immediately took issue with the location, but logic allows time for a permanent solution. Fox Sports eventually took over the Channel 4 studio in the Diamondview Tower prior to last season, but the stage and equipment setup remains at the Gwynn statue. It’s long past time for it to go.

Tony  Gwynn statue courtyard, unsullied.

Tony Gwynn statue courtyard, unsullied.

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On last week’s #SDLive* on Fox Sports San Diego, UFC fighter Phil Davis was presented with a Padres hat in Pittsburgh Pirates colors. Davis lives and trains here in San Diego, but was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so the Pirates are his team. Someone at FSSD got the bright idea to combine the two for him.


Phil Davis tries on his new San Diego Pirates hat.

*Don’t ask me why I was watching this show. I really don’t remember. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t had any beer that evening, so I wasn’t inebriated. Rest assured, I switched channels shortly after this hat showed up.

This segment (if you can call it that) did get me thinking:

What is the worst officially licensed San Diego Padres hat on the market today?

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