movieIt’s that time of year again.

I’m not talking about Spring Training. I’m talking about movies. Baseball movies.

Just about every year, I prep for the upcoming regular season by binge-watching a bunch of baseball movies. I haven’t done it the last couple of years, though. Not sure why. But I’m planning on doing it this year.

I wrote a version of this a couple of years ago on the old blog, and I’m bringing it back. I’ve added a few and recategorized a few more.

I also figured this would be a good break from all the injury talk surrounding the Padres lately. I could be wrong.

The following is a list of baseball movies that I have seen (with one exception). I’ve ranked them in categories ranging from the worst to the best.

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

I don’t know how to put this, but we’re kind of a big deal. We are very important. We have many leather-bound books and our mothers’ basements smell of rich mahogany.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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