You may have seen several posts around the internet about Andy Strasberg’s new book, San Diego Fantography.  It’s been discussed briefly here, by RJs Fro over at Lobshots, and tangentially by jbox at Gaslamp Ball.  The book went on sale 5 May, and although Amazon is ridiculously prompt delivering orders you may yearn for a more personal interaction as part of your book-browsing experience.

Some news, then, you may enjoy reading.  There are two upcoming opportunities to meet the author and peruse the book.

  • Next Tuesday (5/27) Andy will be at RJ’s Grill in Hazard Center from 6-8 pm. @SDSABR tweeted out yesterday Randy Jones will also be there, and will sign copies of Andy’s book upon request.
  • On Saturday 6/14 Andy will host an afternoon of baseball chat at the San Diego Central Library.  From 12:30 to 2pm, in the Sullivan Family Baseball Research Center (the 8th floor of the library), he’ll relay the back story on many of the photographs included in San Diego Fantography.  The San Diego Chicken will be there as a special guest.  I’ve never been up close and personal with the Chicken; if  this classic Padres and Pints episode is any indication, 6/14 presents an opportunity not to be passed up.

I believe some of the proceeds from any books sold at either event will be donated to the Baseball Research Center.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Research Center, you should; it’s the pre-emminent collection west of the Mississippi River, and will include the Bill Weiss Minor League Collection, which is still being cataloged prior to allowing public access.

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