Four years ago, I started a project out of, quite frankly, spite and disappointment.

I now feel a responsibility to maintain this thing I started.

Because the Padres Twittersphere is an ever-evolving entity. Players and people leave, sometimes even of their own accord. Some who have stayed have changed their Twitter usage to not be all that interesting of a follow anymore. Still others just seem to have given up the medium altogether.

Some do a bit of all of that, sailing off into the distance in silence, like a sailboat in the night.

So, here we are. The fourth iteration of my “Padres Must-Follow” Twitter list.

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I’ll make this very brief, as there’s a thunderstorm moving in and I want to get my laptop unplugged before the lightning starts blowing s**t up.

The Padres made a roster move today, placing Cory Spangenberg on the disabled list with a left knee contusion (bone bruise) and bringing back Opening Day second baseman Jedd Gyorko from AAA El Paso.

Gyorko was sent down to El Paso on June 10th to “work on some things,” as paying $35 million over the next 4 1/2 years for a second baseman hitting .210 with a .593 OPS is less than ideal.

So, what has Gyorko worked on in the minor leagues that would have justified recalling him?

In 16 games at El Paso, Gyorko has hit .279 in 61 at-bats. An improvement over the first two months of the season with the Padres.

His on-base average is at .362, compared to .282 over the first two months. His OPS, though, is at .854, which is greatly improved from his Padres time this season.

Has he been fixed? Is this a good move? Beats me. We won’t know until he actually plays some. And by some, I mean more than one game. I think it’s going to take about a week of regular action to know if Gyorko’s time in El Paso was productive.