In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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The Head-First Slide

Everth Cabrera really likes to slide into bases head-first. I mean, REALLY likes to do it.

And, it seems, whenever he makes a mistake on the basepaths, the head-first slide comes into play at least half of the time. Monday night was one of those times.

If you missed it Monday night (or if you have Time Warner Cable), you can watch it here. It really was rather asinine.

Almost immediately, I voiced my displeasure on Twitter.

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In case you weren’t paying attention.
Come on now. Pay attention.

Here at Padres Public, we’re all about the Padres. And the Padres. But mostly the Padres. When we’re not talking about the Padres, that is.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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We have a repeat winner of the Egg McMuffin of… Award, people!

C’mon, Hacksaw. Isn’t it bad enough that people have to listen to your claptrap on the radio? Why do you have to go writing garbage like this?

Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook, Mighty 1090. You let this go out over the interwebs. That series of tubes is going to need to be scrubbed. Get to it.

Fair warning: I was fighting a cold and was experiencing a NyQuil hangover when writing most of my responses. So, don’t expect much.

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