The Padres had a day off after playing 20 games in 20 days in 4 cities and 3 time zones. It was a stretch that ended with a 10-game road trip that the Friars managed to get 4 wins out of. Could have been better.

Padres off-days have an unexpected side effect, however. And yesterday was pretty bad. Or good, depending on how you look at it.

Some of the fans get a little crazy with no baseball to distract them.

Even high-profile Padres fans were not immune to the off-day insanity. Major Garrett, the CBS White House correspondent, went on a Twitter rant to end all Twitter rants about his hometown team.*

*On a personal note, I’d like to welcome one of my newest followers on Twitter, Major Garrett.

Some even called for people to lose their coaching jobs. Specifically, Padres’ hitting coaches Phil Plantier and Alonzo Powell.

So let’s look at the Padres batting stats so far this season and see if a firing is deserved:

SDP 2.66 29 77 206 15 70 238 .217 .596 310 178
LgAvg 4.02 28 113 239 26 108 232 .247 .699 374 198
4.02 423 1702 3580 387 1616 3475 .247 .699 5606 2969
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Generated 5/2/2014.

Pretty bad, right? But that’s a really small sample size. Let’s see how the last couple of full seasons have gone for Phil and Alonzo.

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My esteemed colleague at Left Coast Bias has penned a thoughtful piece on the nature of baseball fandom in the Information Age. As someone who has been blogging about baseball since before the term “blogging” existed, I thought I’d provide an alternative perspective. Plus it’s a good excuse to introduce myself to those of you who might not know who I am.

If you’ve heard this story before, bear with me. I launched Ducksnorts in September 1997 to express my outrage over the Hideki Irabu situation. It later became a platform for me to voice opinions and present research (usually sabermetrically inclined, since that is my background), which was great because back then, such outlets were rare. Read More…