FAN on FAN Action: Sermon from The Mission

by Corey Menotti

jieLRzfVI am always struck by the manner in which American fans brand themselves with sporting swag. I myself wear Padres gear in some form everyday. I have some personal rules that I abide by; part style, part shibboleth, part superstition. For example; I do not purchase a jersey with a Friar’s name on it unless they have retired. But for the most part I don these togs because I identify with my club, my squad or my town in a very real and tangible way.

Recent discussions with similarly situated individuals have made me ponder the entire hierarchy of fandom and idolatry as it relates to the 2015 Season.

I get why we identify with players, teams and regions towards which we gravitate; proximity, admiration, even a dabble of mild envy i suspect. Like most humans we have a need to identify with champions, so we seek them out in our choice of teams or players.

But why do we also foster animosity towards other devotees of the same ilk?

What would posses us to look at other club fanatics and enthusiasts in a harsh or even disagreeable light? What is the purpose of fabricating a hierarchy amongst ourselves, the fanbase?

I am baffled.

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Okay, so the Padres apparently don’t believe bobblehead giveaways sell tickets.

But some of us here at Padres Public┬áthink they just need to show a little creativity to get people out to the ballpark with bobbleheads. And by some of us, I mean me. Because Avenging Jack Murphy wasn’t nearly as creative as he thinks.

Oh, great! Another bobblehead post? Where’s the analysis? Where’s the reports on the farm system? Where’s the counter-response to that one Bleacher Report article that no one read?

You haven’t been “reading” my stuff for very long, have you?

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