Sometimes it’s tough to be a Padres fan. After Monday night’s game, which had a rain delay in the 8th inning despite the home team Colorado Rockies being up by 7 runs, I started thinking about strange things that have happened at Padres games I’ve been to or watched.

The idea started out as a list with a possible poll included. Then I realized that a list with only a couple of things on it wasn’t really a list. And an even worse poll.

So, here’s the weirdest Padres games I’ve witnessed, either on TV or in person. Or both, in the case of the first one, technically.

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I write for many reasons: to share, to entertain, to better understand the world around me. But mostly I write because my memory is terrible and if I don’t, I’ll forget things.

Tony Gwynn knocked five hits in a game eight times in his career. The seventh of those came on April 23, 1994, at Jack Murphy Stadium, against the Phillies.

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Tony tells a story about getting plunked by Curt Schilling and the aftermath


Normally I post on Wednesday mornings, unless the mood strikes me. And a really good Tony Gwynn interview gets me in the mood every time.

Craig Elsten (@619Sports) had Tony on to talk about SDSU baseball’s first-round in the NCAA Regionals at UCLA. But, as often happens whenever Tony is interviewed, the talk evolved into a story involving Curt Schilling and Andy Benes.

If you’re like me, you probably missed it live. Luckily, Mighty 1090 had it up as a podcast almost immediately

Craig’s right. It is a must-listen.

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