The natives have become quite restless.

As the 2015 off-season enters the 2nd half of it’s 2nd month, while it has seemed like nearly every major transaction of this winter hot stove season has involved one of the other teams in the NL West, the Padres have basically the same holes with which they entered the off-season. They’ve made some moves, yes, but because those have been moves meant to add depth, clear payroll, and rebuild the team’s depleted farm system, there has been little done to add to the major league roster for 2016. After last off-season, everyone is waiting for the sequel to start.

The phrase of the year appears to be “contend and rebuild.” The Padres, wary of losing revenue in the short-term for what could be a better chance at success in the long-term, are unwilling as an ownership group to commit to a complete tear down and rebuild, such as what we’ve seen recently from the Astros and the Cubs. The club’s majority/minority owner Peter Seidler, by way of the Union-Tribune’s Dennis Lin this past summer, and brought back to the forefront by Chris from Padres Public’s own The Sacrifice Bunt just last week, is talking about “competing year after year after year.” Whether you fear or hope for a complete rebuild, this is not ownership’s vision for the franchise.

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I realize this is a Padres baseball blog and that is exactly what I am going to write about, well mostly.  See you readers may not know but after growing up in San Diego my parents moved us to the land of corn, Nebraska. Yes we have a college football team here.  Lincoln has an Independent League baseball team the Saltdogs so I get some baseball here but it’s not MLB, and not the Padres.

So as you can tell from the photograph I have a Padre baseball room in my house. Yes really. No doubt the only one in the state, probably the only one in the Midwest. There are a lot of Cubs and Royals fans around here so they sympathize with me about less than perfect baseball teams year after year.  So here I am in a town of 475 people. That’s right less than 500 peeps here in Palmer, Nebraska.  I like it. Sure no baseball in football country but no traffic or high priced real estate either.

I do miss PETCO Park, and heck the “Q” for that matter.  Another bad thing about being a Padre fan in Nebraska is the fact that they are NEVER EVER on television unless they are playing the Cubs. But I don’t have cable so I don’t get those games either, there’s the rub.  You probably asked yourself about ten minutes ago, “So why don’t you move?”  Well I like it here, seriously. I will wait until you finish laughing.  You can take a Padre out of San Diego, but you can’t take San Diego out of the Padre fan.  Something like that.

So for 2013 I am looking forward to the regular season to start but I have a feeling that it will again be another long season for the Friars. I mean when Freddy Garcia is your biggest acquisition of the offseason (and now he is released!), then the table is set for a long season. None the less baseball is here and I still bleed Padre brown.

Go Pads!