Crowdsourcing is the latest fad in seemingly every endeavor.  From Kickstarter to Storify, it seems gathering money or ideas from others and using it for your own benefit has become commonplace.

I’m not immune.  Occasionally I use it to figure out topics to write about that you people would like to read.  This is one of those occasions.  That I chose something to write about, not necessarily that you would like to read.

In Episode 13 of the Padres And Pints podcast, Rick revealed he was drinking not the standard beer, but rather Cran-Grape juice.  This caused a certain degree of ridicule from me some.  So, of course, when I decided to take suggestions for topics, Rick decided to get back at me us a little bit.

Here’s the thing:  I have little to no shame.  And I’m a little desperate to write about something Padres-related.  Challenge accepted.

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When I first came up with an idea to write about the subject of slump busting, the Padres were neck-deep in an offensive funk that it seemed they would never come out of.  So, I took to Twitter with what I thought would be a novel concept:

That very night against the Miami Marlins and their ace, Jose Fernandez, the Friars seemingly came out of their shell, scoring 10 runs.  Apparently, the Padres broke Fernandez.  Just to be safe, I kept focus and was going to continue with the crowdsourced concept, because there was no way the Padres were going to be able to keep up the offensive output for a second straight day, right?

And then this happened Saturday night, 9 runs.  The Padres scored 5 runs again on Sunday to make it a 3-game winning streak.  Last night, they squeaked out a win against the Reds in Cincinnati on a ninth inning home run from Chase Headley to make it four-in-a-row.

So screw that idea.  The answer was apparently “Just play the Marlins in San Diego.”  I have no problem trashing an idea if it means the Padres are winning.

Then I realized that some of you might want to see what I had come up with, as well as a few submissions from our fellow Padres fans on Twitter.

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