I’m not going to be one of the Padres Public bloggers with a “The Padres Are Blowing It” headline, mostly because I love writing headlines, but mention the Padres and TV in the same sentence somewhere in San Diego, and people are going to get angry. Or shrug from apathy. Or say they’ve been on Cox for so long that they haven’t had a complaint about their Padres TV coverage since they decided that they didn’t like Matt Vasgersian and Mark Grant together. They’re wrong about that*, of course, but that’s what they’d say. I actually don’t know if any of this is true, but I figure these are the basic options.

The Padres finally signed their new TV contract with Fox Sports last spring to bring a new regional sports network to town called Fox Sports San Diego, but the catch was that half the county couldn’t see the games on TV. Read More…

Fox Sports San Diego has a new home and invited a few select people to take a “hard hat tour” of the new studio today. So SDPads1 of RJ’s Fro and I took them up on their offer. Because we very rarely pass up free stuff (Sorry, Ray, but it’s true).

Executive Producer for Fox Sports San Diego, Jeff Byle, led the tour for a few advertisers and a couple of guys who “write…on the internet”* from Gaslamp Ball, Chicken Friars and LobShots, along with yours truly.

*Credit to Tom Garfinkel for introducing us to Josh Byrnes with that at the awards banquet last month, coining our new catchphrase at the same time. All rights reserved. Don’t try to steal it. Left Coast Bias is a lawyer.

FSSD gutted the old Cox Channel 4 studio and started over from scratch. I wasn’t sure if I could take pictures of the studio itself, so I decided to err on the side of caution and didn’t take any. But I can describe it pretty well.

Well, then! Get on with it!

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