Sometimes things get a little fuzzy after spending an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (74-86) scored fewer runs than the Los Angeles Dodgers (90-70), 6-2, last night in the first of three games at Dodger Stadium.

Casey Kelly (0-2, 7.94) gave up six runs (three earned) in four and a third innings on eight hits and two walk while striking out three. The Dodgers scored five runs in the third inning, and it looked like this:

The Dodgers added one more in the fifth inning on a Justin Turner single to score Howie Kendrick.

Alex Wood (12-12, 3.84) pitched seven innings while allowing two runs on five hits, one walk, and striking out four. Jedd Gyorko led off the seventh inning with a single and Melvin Upton Jr. followed with a double. Alexi Amarista‘s ground out scored Gyorko, and Cody Decker, getting his first start in the Major Leagues, hit a sacrifice fly to score Upton Jr for his first Major League RBI.

Robbie Erlin (1-1, 6.30) gets the start tonight against Zack Greinke (18-3, 1.68) in the second to last game of the 2015 season. First pitch is scheduled for 6:10pm PDT.

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Sometimes things get a little fuzzy after spending an evening at the pub. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you may have missed while you were drinking.

The Padres (72-82) scored fewer runs than the Arizona Diamondbacks (74-80), 6-3, last night in the first of three games at Petco Park.

Casey Kelly (0-1, 9.00) made his first start in a Padres’ uniform since 2012, and it didn’t start out quite according to plan. The Diamondbacks scored all six run in the first two innings, including four in the second inning on a grand slam home run from A.J. Pollock. However, after giving up that grand slam, Kelly retired the next eleven batters, leaving after five innings with six runs allowed on six hits, one walk, and one strikeout.

Rubby De La Rosa (14-8, 4.56) gave up three runs (two earned) on four hits and three walks with two strikeouts in five and two-thirds innings. Matt Kemp scored in the fourth inning on a ground out by Jedd Gyorko. In the fifth inning, Travis Jankowski doubled and scored on a single by Wil Myers. And Alexi Amarista singled in the sixth inning to score Gyorko.

Tonight at 5:40pm PDT, Robbie Erlin (0-1, 21.00) takes the mound against Jeremy Hellickson (9-10, 4.73).

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Exactly 364 days ago, I compiled a list of all of the Twitter accounts that Padres’ fans should be following. It did not come without controversy, as I had complaints from people who thought they should be on it throughout the course of the year.

I updated it in January, adding some and removing others. Since then the Padres made moves on and off the field, changing who should and shouldn’t be on the list.

I have updated it once again. Some accounts are gone, others have been added. Some are still not on it.

To be honest, some of these accounts I don’t follow. On @GhostofRAK, that is. However, I’ve included them because they have some connection to the Padres or Padres’ fans that might interest you.

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He’s weighing those options now, working through some decisions.

He said he was 100 percent, he was fine.

Then just that freak incident on the steps.

He had the bat in his hand and he felt something in his forearm.


We have to hope for the best in the future.


He’s structurally intact.

He’s feeling better, and he’s doing fine.

It’s just been a slower recovery for him than most.

He just ran out of season.

Let’s get him as strong as possible.


He was a soccer player and didn’t quite understand what he needed to do.

It was a great learning year for him in a lot of areas.

He wasn’t quite there yet.


There were stretches of really good pitching.

Maybe he needed that bigger stage to totally focus.


We wanted to err on the side of caution.

He came in and was quite honest.

Nip this in the bud instead of trying to push something.


His at-bats can be conducted a little bit better.

He’s got to be ready for the fastball, be ready in fastball counts.

Here, he’s let some good fastballs go without a swing.

We know he’s got the raw power.


He needs to gain experience, which takes time.

There is going to be a time where he’s no longer a secret.

He’ll have to make adjustments.


He showed determination through his time here.

It’s been great to witness him grow up.

Always could be counted on to do the right thing.

Let’s hope that it happens for him here.

twitterpadresI’ve noticed a lot of links to “Top XX Twitter Accounts Padres Fans Should Be Following” popping up here and there.  I think all of these lists I’ve seen have been severely lacking.  They seem to leave out some of the major accounts associated with the Padres, some of the best accounts in terms of  interaction, and some accounts that are just good follows.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure who would want to follow some of the accounts suggested by the lists I’ve seen.

I’m including myself in that.  I’m still amazed that I have managed to get 900+ 1000+ followers.  You people must be bored out of your skulls.

So, I decided to compile my own list.  The difference between my list and all these other ones that have popped up:  I didn’t limit how many.  You should be following most of them — if not all — if you consider yourself a fan and want to get all the news, information, and opinions that are out there.

I follow just about all of these people/accounts because they put forth some great, honest information and/or opinions on the Padres.  From the Padres front office to the lowly fan in the cheap seats and from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between.

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Chase Headley with an RBI double. (Photo: Lake Elsinore Storm)

Chase Headley with an RBI double. (Photo: Lake Elsinore Storm)

Lost in the promotional shuffle of TNT Tuesdays (tallboys and tacos), Wackie Weenie & Wine Down Wednesdays (self-explanatory), and Thirsty Thursday ($1 beers), the Lake Elsinore Storm also happen to field a pretty good ball club. After defeating the Lancaster JetHawks on Monday, the Storm (20-12) now lead the California League’s South Division by two games and have won 10 of their last 11.

While the offense-crippling home park does no favors for the offense, the pitching staff have cozied up to their home digs quite nicely. What’s more, with the Padres shuffling the rehabbing Chase Headley, Carlos Quentin, and Casey Kelly through town for the next several games, Lake Elsinore is the temporary destination spot for fans who want a more intimate ballpark experience with noted Major Leaguers. Read More…

Spring Training provides an opportunity for fans to view the lesser-seen pieces and dream upon the futures of players yet to take a single at-bat for the big league squad, but could dramatically alter the franchise’s trajectory. It’s escapism from the realities of an organization that has branded themselves as “snake-bit,” and that fans have seen as underwhelming. So, just hours from first pitch and the beginning of the 2014 season, here’s a look back at five days of (mostly) rampant optimism in the desert.

When parents plan their son or daughter’s first trip to Spring Training, they likely envision parcels of perfectly manicured grass. Sun-kissed mornings where millionaire ballplayers and long shots share a field and play a game with the same childlike wonder and enthusiasm that they hope, one day, their own child will possess. My son’s first Spring Training started a bit differently, as a complete stranger challenged me to a fight at Terminal 4 of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport. In the end, it’s all about creating memories. So begins our journey.

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Finding the Wife a New Fluffer

By Billy Lybarger

I’m old. No really, I’m just old. The sooner I came to grips with this fact, the easier my life became. Full blown acceptance of this fact has come with its perks, but also with its heartaches. I now park in the handicap parking spaces. I’ve been disabled for nine years. I didn’t get a placard for the first 6 years of my disability (note to you youngsters; Ducatis and ice don’t mix). I figured I could walk, albeit with a serious pimp limp, but I could do it. Once I decided I was old, screw it, and give me the placard. I’m parking in the front row! I also walk with a cane. The cane is cool and all, said nobody ever. But it keeps me from falling and falling sucks worse than parking 7 spots back of the front row.

Now my wife is not old. In fact she is so young she actually makes me younger. I’m not sure what that means or how it works, but she tells me all the time that her being 10 years younger than me makes me younger. I just go with it. I’ve been married almost 20 years; I just go with all kinds of things. Trust me, we have 3 cats. Enough said. So with us being so far apart in age, and in how we feel, naturally this includes being far apart on things like sex. Me, I just go with it. Her, she is hitting her stride. Mid 30’s for a woman is supposed to be the height of her sex life. Well if my wife hasn’t reached her zenith I’m scared. Remember, I’m old. I could break a hip. Again. She is better at everything that we do together, so why shouldn’t our sex lives be par for the course?

Through the years, I noticed that the wife seemed to be way more ready to roll when we watched baseball games together. But it mostly seemed to be when Clayton Richard pitched. I did notice she always asked who was on the mound before deciding if she was going to watch the game with me. Whenever “Pretty Boy” Clayton took his turn, she was all too happy to endure his outing. And endure really became the descriptive term as his career with the Padres flamed out. But I noticed the only thing scoring more than opposing hitters once Clayton toed the rubber was me. I joked with her about it, and she smiled slyly, saying she “never notice.” I’m old, but I’m not dead. I finally confronted her about. “You’re using me to fulfill some twisted Clayton Richard fantasy, aren’t you?” I asked, after I was 4-4 on four consecutive spring starts of his. “Are you seriously complaining about getting laid?” she responded. This was a good point. I conceded that my wife now had a fluffer. Read More…

Yesterday released their 2014 Prospect Watch top 100 and four Padres found themselves on the list. After initially skimming through the compilation of minor league talent I counted only 3 Padres – Austin Hedges (24), Max Fried (43), and Matt Wisler (78). But this morning, after a strong cup of black coffee and the renewal of a lukewarm shower, I realized that I had completely bypassed MLB’s 87th ranked prospect . . . any guesses?

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Last month, Avenging Jack Murphy wrote about removing distractions and concentrating on the game at hand. It was very well thought out and informative.

This is not going to be anything close to well thought out. As far as informative, that is a matter of opinion.

Say hello to my stream of consciousness.

As the season winds down, and the Padres fight to stay out of last place in the NL West, I find myself paying less attention to Padres games. I sit down to watch them, even closing the laptop and putting the phone across the room like AJM wrote about, but I have a hard time remembering things like how runs scored or when pitching changes occurred.

Now, these are either early signs of Alzheimer’s, of my short-term memory being reduced to that of a goldfish, or the Padres have started to lose my attention to the pickup soccer games going on in the park behind my house.

Quite frankly, I’m hoping it’s one of the first two. Because I hate soccer.

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