Sometimes things get a little fuzzy after breakfast baseball and you were stuck at work for the whole thing. Here’s a friendly reminder of what you might have missed while you were drinking (coffee, on company-approved break that is).

The Friars walked the plank in their final game this season against Pittsburgh, 10-1, on International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Of course they did, because they’re the Padres.

Ian Kennedy continues to show how much he really likes pitching in Petco Park, lasting only 3 2/3 innings while giving up 6 runs on 8 hits, 2 of which were home runs.

After Tommy Medica drove in Chris Denorfia for the Padres only run in the first inning, the offense pretty much was shut down by Gerrit Cole and the Pirates bullpen.

Tonight at 7:10pm PDT, the Padres return to face the Dodgers for three games. Robbie Erlin takes the mound against our old friend Edinson Volquez, who we all hope is just as bad as his last start in Petco Park. If not worse.

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In case you weren’t paying attention.
Come on now. Pay attention.

Here at Padres Public, we’re all about the Padres. And the Padres. But mostly the Padres. When we’re not talking about the Padres, that is.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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Today is a special Vocal Minority double your pleasure day. Don’t expect that very often.

There are some Padres fans who I’m hearing from who think we here at Padres Public, and specifically David and myself at The Vocal Minority, need to get down to business, take on the Padres organization and blogosphere, and really spark a serious change in the Padres and Padres fandom. Right now. Well, I appreciate the sentiment and I take the idea that we’re even capable as a compliment, but screw that. It’s February. There’s still snow on the ground in Cleveland. I want to write about something stupid.

On Friday, David valiantly filled in for Ray for #SezBill, and the highlight of the post was his brain’s initial confusion of breakout with breakfast, declaring Yonder Alonso the Breakfast Player of the Year for 2013. My first thought was, that’s awesome. My second thought was, not so fast (get it, Yonder is slow). We need to put a lot more thought into this. Sorry Yonder, you don’t just get to be #SezBill’s breakout player of the year candidate and our Breakfast Player of the Year too. Let’s throw some batter on the griddle and really settle this hash.

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Hi! Ray’s unavailable for #SezBill today, and just like I would sometimes do on Twitter, I’m taking over for the day. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

– Bill doesn’t think Carlos Quentin’s weight loss will affect his power. Feels his power comes from bat speed and torque, which is why his knee does concern him.

– Liriano injured his elbow on one throw during a workout at the Padres Academy in the Dominican Republic. Tommy John surgery will be performed next Wednesday, by Dr. Hoenecke at Scripps.

– Experiences relayed to him by other Padres has Bill thinking Liriano won’t be in San Diego until the end of 2014. Liriano situation doesn’t affect Chase Headley in any way.

– Bill doesn’t quite know how insurance on player contracts work, other that it’s expensive and it’s becoming harder to find underwriters.

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By Corey Brock

So you’re going to FanFest on Saturday and feeling a little overwhelmed by it all – garage sale, stopping by the autograph stations, the forums and the real fear that you might run into someone from this blog, Padres Public?

Well, that last one is a valid concern. Good luck with that.

Well, have no fear because I’ve gone over the schedule and have devised a no-lose plan for the day that will satisfy your appetite for baseball – as well as breakfast and beer.

Let’s get to it:

–  Start with breakfast, as it’s the most important meal of the day. I’m going to send you to what is my favorite spot for breakfast in town – Snooze, in Hillcrest. Trust me on this. What’s good? Just about everything. Feel free to mix-and-match, go sweet and savory.

– Head down to Petco Park. There’s free parking and the general public is allowed entry at 10 a.m.

– Your first stop should be the Padres’ garage sale to benefit the Padres Foundation. Wednesday, I told you about some of the items for sale. Go early while the getting is good. You’ve been saving those pennies for an Orlando Hudson jersey. Now is your chance!

– At 10:30, head to section 113 where pitchers Cory Luebke and Nick Vincent are signing. You can (should) ask Cory about his left elbow and if he can miraculously be ready for Opening Day. Vincent is from Ramona. So, you know, you can ask him about the hot spots there.

– Hustle over to the home dugout at 11:30 for the player forum that features Chase Headley, Chris Denorfia and Clayton Richard. Just for fun, ignore Headley and badger Denorfia with questions of playing for Italy in the World Baseball Classic. And what his favorite pizza and gelato are.

– At 12:30, head to section 110 where Nick Hundley and Joe Thatcher are signing. Both are good guys. Ask Nick about the final score of the Oregon-Arizona football game this year. And Joe just got married, so feel free to ask him what his best wedding present was. Hope he got a Keurig.

– You’re free from 1:30-2:00. Wander the stadium, get your face painted, ask Tom Garfinkel if the ballpark will have more craft beer carts this season.

– Head back to the sale at 2:00 and try to pick through the leftovers for a treat or two –game-worn pants that don’t fit, a Carlos Guevara BP jersey, a signed photo of Paul McAnulty.

– Around 2:30, head back to the home dugout where assistant GM A.J. Hinch and manager Bud Black will give a presentation on Japanese steak knives. Kidding. This should be a fun forum as both guys are naturally funny, smart and genuine.

– That’s about it. FanFest ends at 4:00 and by this time, you’ll be pretty thirsty. This is where the beer comes in. Head over to Mission Brewery for a pint(s) and compare notes and treats from the day while rubbing elbows with the Padres Public folks. Just don’t let them stick you with the bill.

Here’s the link to FanFest if you want to create your own agenda that won’t come close to matching this one.

Enjoy! Corey

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