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Hello, friends. Collecting jerseys has become some weird sort of hobby for me. I won’t say I’ve been immune to the many bootleg jerseys floating around, but I’ve noticed that while the quantity of these fakes has increased, the quality has severely decreased. I’ve seen all but the last jersey on this page at Petco Park, and I can’t ever figure out why. At this point, these bootlegs are selling on eBay or for $50-100. You can buy a “replica” jersey for around those prices.

Perhaps we would see fewer of these jerseys if offered authentic lettering on replica jerseys. Let the quality of the authentic jerseys (and yes, they are much nicer) up-sell themselves. While the money from merchandise doesn’t go directly to each individual club, the bootlegs support something perhaps more sinister than Major League Baseball. And you look like a turd, usually.

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