Not a Robert Ludlum Novel

I’ve never claimed to be a good writer. In fact, I freely acknowledge the fact that most of my “writing” involves embedding GIFs, YouTube clips and somewhat funny pictures of monkeys into a post and hitting “publish.”

So, when all of this Biogenesis stuff came down, I tried to come up with something meaningful. Something worthy of your time and effort to read.

This is all I could come up with:

Only missing the YouTube part. Two out of three ain’t bad!

Now, before you back out of this page, never to return again, give me a second chance. While I may not be able to express in writing what I’m feeling about all of this PED talk, other people have done just that. So I have compiled a few of what I think are some of the better articles and/or stories from people who are better writers than I.

I don’t necessarily agree with every one of these, but I respect their opinions on the matter.

Here’s hoping you leave this site having at least learned something, which is all I can really ask for.

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Yesterday Everth Cabrera received his long awaited 50 game suspension after choosing to affiliate himself with the Miami based Biogenesis clinic. NBC’s Derek Togerson provided video via his twitter feed showing a teary eyed Everth Cabrera offering an apology to the Padres organization and the fans of San Diego. He appeared to be legitimately embarrassed and contrite.

Everth explained that he came into contact with Biogenesis, through the urging of his previous agent, so that he could help the rehabilitation process of a damaged shoulder. The question becomes: Is that good enough for you?

Allow me to go on a bit of a rant . . .

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In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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I have not paid very close attention to the whole Biogenesis PED scandal that has engulfed baseball over the last year.

Part of this is because I can’t pronounce the word. Whereas one would say,“bīōˈjenəsis” I tend to read the name as, “bīō – JEN – ee – sis” and that’s just frustrating and, quite frankly, bewildering. I mean it’s verbalized inside my head where nobody can hear my inner-monologue. I didn’t have to admit it to you, yet I just did. Bewildering.

The other part of the story that leaves me on the sideline is my desire to live in a state of denial. The newest incarnation of the PED debate involves Yasmani Grandal and Everth Cabrera and I just don’t want to hear the connections.

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ESPN is reporting this evening that Everth Cabrera is among five new names connected to a list of players who received performance enhancing drugs from the South Florida clinic run by Anthony Bosch. Also listed in the new documents is new Padres reliever Fautino De Los Santos.

The new players listed in documents from the Biogenesis of America clinic run by Anthony Bosch: San Diego Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera, 26, the reigning National League stolen base champion; Jordan Norberto, 26, a lefty reliever with the Oakland A’s; Fernando Martinez, 24, a Houston Astros outfielder; Fautino De Los Santos, 27, a reliever claimed off waivers by the Padres, and Cesar Puello, 21, a top Mets outfield prospect.

Sources said the players, like those who have been named in previous Biogenesis documents, were on a list as having received performance-enhancing drugs, although the documents are not proof that the players either received or used PEDs.

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