Last week Scott Miller of CBS asserted that the Padres were “broke”. Actually he asserted that they are “broke”.

After speaking with the Padres during the week, the U-T’s Bill Center wrote an article on Sunday morning about the state of finances for the Padres.

On short notice we rallied together at the Bar to discuss, keeping the following in mind:

What is your reaction to this article? Does the explanation make you feel better or worse about the most recent off-season, or where the team could be headed in the next few years?

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Hi, filling in for Ray again. He seems to be back from vacation, but we’ll let him catch his breath. In this edition of Sez Bill, we visit the underground catacombs of Paris, take a look at the charming Bordeaux countryside, join fishermen on the coast of Normandy, and tour the magical palace at Versailles. Wait, no. None of that.

Here we go!

– Too many “ifs” for Bill’s sake, but the Padres aren’t as panicked about finding a starting pitcher on the market with Kelly looking sharp, Cashner being closer than originally thought, Stauffer being ready to start the season, and apparently Anthony Bass simply being present.

– Gyorko’s service time is not a concern for Byrnes or Black. However, if he doesn’t win a starting job, he’ll start the season in Tucson. Will not be used as a reserve in San Diego.

– Matt Wisler charms Bill, who doesn’t think Donn Roach makes the rotation out of Spring Training. (Earlier today, Corey Brock predicted Roach would be in the Padres’ rotation by season’s end.)

– The Padres aren’t concerned about Everth Cabrera situation. Bill’s more concerned with him staying healthy than being suspended. Worst case, thinks Forsythe and Ransom are insurance and the Padres will not seek another shortstop.

– Like’s Tyson Ross’s stuff, not his control. (Ray’s going to love this) Suggests Ross is the kind of pitcher Balsley has had success “fixing” in the past.

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