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Seriously. Who was that? Show yourself!

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

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panic in water

Yes, Chase Headley is out for at least a month with a broken thumb.

Yes, Casey Kelly might need Tommy John surgery (Still unknown at the time of writing this).

Yes, Padres prospect Rymer Liriano needs Tommy John surgery.

Yes, Andrew Cashner is a dummy.

Yes, Yasmani Grandal is an even dumber dummy.

Yes, Carlos Quentin is still Carlos Quentin.

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Last week I examined the disappointing 2013 Padres Promotional Schedule. To put it nicely, fans were underwhelmed by the lack of giveaways and the quality of those giveaways and the promotional events left a lot to be desired.

Often times fans in general are quick to trash something but sometimes aren’t realistic (“ARGHHH Y U NO TRADE FOR STANTON PADRES!!!”) or don’t provide any ideas to solving the problem (“ARGGGHHHHH THE PADRES NEED TO SIGN A PREMIERE SS! Y THEY NO GET ONE!!! Oh, what is that? There wasn’t one available? Oh….well I’m still going to yell because I have NO ANSWERS…ARGHHHH”). I plan to be both realistic and give some new ideas to spice up this bland schedule. I won’t come up with outlandish stuff like Turn Ahead the Clock Night (That’s for you Wayne), giveaways every day of the week or have an absurd bobblehead set* of past owners (I’m looking at you Ghost). I will use the Padres current schedule, use the nights that they have already assigned (PCL, 80’s, ’98) and work with what I have been given. Hopefully I come through for the fans!

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A couple weeks back the Padres released the 2013 Promotional Schedule. In years past this news would get me pumped up, as anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE collector of all things Padres. But for quite some time now I have been horribly disappointed by the Padres efforts in this regard.

Let’s start with 2012. Normally the Padres would release the promotional schedule at FanFest and give the fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming items. Instead, there was no schedule but the fans were promised that it would be a “quality over quantity” type of year. Slowly but surely, items were announced. The wearables were once again brought front and center. This is fully understandable as the Padres recently changed their uniforms and the goal is to get the fans to start looking at least somewhat like a fan of the home team. There were no bobbleheads, garden gnomes, figures or anything to display. Of the many times I personally went to Petco Park last year, the Friar shirt, Opening Day shirt and Replica Jersey are the 3 items I saw the most of regarding 2012 giveaways. Also the Knockaround Sunglasses (7/19) were a late edition to the list and I see people wearing those like crazy (even if they aren’t as cool as the Bring Back the Brown ones ha!). Beerfest, Octoberfest and the 70’s/80’s/90’s nights topped the list for events. Overall many people were disappointed and felt the Padres failed to deliver on the “quality over quantity” promise though.

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