This week I’ll hit up a few items from the 70’s and early 80’s.

First up is a plastic McDonalds baseball card holder from 1974. 1974 was the first year for Ray Kroc owning the Padres so this promotion makes sense. The baseball cards are round and the players I have are Randy Jones, Dave Winfield, Bobby Tolan, Fred Kendall, Glenn Beckert, Johnny Grubb, John McNamara, a Padres Home Schedule for August and September and lastly a card with Ronald McDonald swinging a bat. On the back of the Ronald card it lists when cards were given away.

7/31-8/4: Willie McCovey and Bill Greif
8/5-8/11: Nate Colbert and Matty Alou
8/12-8/18: Dave Roberts and Johnny Grubb
8/19-8/24: Bobby Tolan and Dave Winfield

I don’t know if this was a McDonalds promotion or a Padres promotion but it’s pretty cool that each week the kids could get 2 new cards until they completed the collection. I’ll have to try and complete mine some day.



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As I mentioned in my last couple of RJ’s Fro promotion posts (here and here), 2003 was probably the last solid year for Padres promotional schedules. With that said, why don’t we take a look at a couple of those giveaways!

But first, I was browsing the Padres store earlier and found this wood sign. No Offseason, eh? Sounds about right.


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Back in December, ESPN released the baseball Hall of 100, which if the title doesn’t give it away, is their opinion of the Top 100 baseball players of all-time. Surprisingly (and disappointingly), ESPN did not contact the legendary Old Hoss Radbourn for help on this project, so he offered up some comments about each player on his Twitter account for the masses to read. All of his comments on the players can be found here in one easy to read list and each one is hilarious.

One of Old Hoss’ 55,000+ rabid followers on Twitter is Travis of PunkRockPaint. Now Travis isn’t a hilarious, ex-baseball player who is long dead, but he does absolutely amazing work of his own in the form of creating baseball cards (plus he is also hilarious). I sometimes find myself randomly looking at all his Lost cards, longing to be confused on a weekly basis all over again (I loved that show). His Star Wars cards should be in the Louvre, they are that awesome. He has created posters for musicians like Bushwalla & Steve Poltz that have caused fans to stampede the stage at shows and cause mini-riots. Travis has an overwhelming gratitude for the genius of Old Hoss Radbourns writing, so it was only fitting that the two of them would get together to work on a project. Read More…