Thanks to the lack of Padres news coming out of the Winter Meetings, I’m forced to subject you to one of my lamest ideas for a post.

The List

What is “The List,” you may be asking? In a nutshell, it’s my favorite Padres players.

This list is part of my dream roster. If I had the power to get all of these players, in their prime, together on one team, I would do it. It’s my ideal team. However, it’s not necessarily the best players. My ideal team is made up of players who also had personality. These are the guys who I both wanted to watch play and would like to hang out with at the bar after the game.

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Last night, Andrew Cashner pitched a complete game, 9-inning shutout while facing the minimum 27 batters. Cashner is the first pitcher in Padres history to complete the feat, which immediately put Padres fans and media on notice. Was this the greatest start in Padres history? That’s a question surely to get a lot of subjective response, but there is a statistical measure that can also help guide us. We’re going to take a look at the numbers, throw in some subjective analysis, and take a get a glimpse into the greatest starts in Padres history.

Cashner dressing the deer  last night (artists rendering)

Cashner dressing the deer last night (artist’s rendering)

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Tony tells a story about getting plunked by Curt Schilling and the aftermath


Normally I post on Wednesday mornings, unless the mood strikes me. And a really good Tony Gwynn interview gets me in the mood every time.

Craig Elsten (@619Sports) had Tony on to talk about SDSU baseball’s first-round in the NCAA Regionals at UCLA. But, as often happens whenever Tony is interviewed, the talk evolved into a story involving Curt Schilling and Andy Benes.

If you’re like me, you probably missed it live. Luckily, Mighty 1090 had it up as a podcast almost immediately

Craig’s right. It is a must-listen.

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Well, the 2013 season got underway with a resounding thud.  There’s really no other way to put it.  By the time Jedd Gyorko got his first Major League hit the Padres trailed 7-1.  Brad Brach surrendered a grand slam to close out the scoring. RJs Fro put it succinctly:

Our starter, Edinson Volquez,  didn’t get an out in the fourth.  He also walked his opposite number on four pitches, one of three walks he allowed, and gave up two doubles to go along with 4 singles and 4 strikeouts.  Woe, Doctor! shared this interesting factoid:

There were 3 other games worse than yesterday’s?  Research project!

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