Last Saturday as I sat in the Park in the Park watching the Padres get taken apart by the Colorado Rockies, I kept a mindful eye on my daughters, who were rolling down grass hills like discarded timber. I looked at them and thought one thing: bedtime. But there existed a problem for my little family. Everth Cabrera, on the verge of a cycle, was guaranteed one more plate appearance in the 9th inning. Needing only a double, my daughters and I (and Cabrera!), stood on the precipice of Padres history. I could not deny them the opportunity to witness a groundbreaking feat of arbitrary awesomeness so we stayed put on Petco’s grassy knoll.

As Everth came to the plate in the 9th, I explained the significance of the moment, and then positioned them for the diminutive shortstop’s final plate appearance.

And just like that it was over. Everth Cabrera drove a single up the middle, and finished the night 4 for 5, three-quarters of the way to the elusive cycle.

As Everth rounded 1st base I was overwhelmed, not by the denial of a historic moment, but by something else. It was my sense that Cabrera, who had been drafted from the same Colorado Rockies in the 2008 Rule Five Draft, was an anomaly. Was Everth Cabrera unique? Something told me that the answer to this question was yes.

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