In no particular order, here is a stupid list:

  1. Edinson Volquez wears uniform number 37.
  2. He wore numbers 40, 38, and 31 with the Rangers, and number 36 with the Reds.
  3. His hero is Pedro Martinez, who wore number 37 with the Expos in 1994 and 1995.
  4. Volquez was once traded, with Danny Herrera, for Josh Hamilton.
  5. According to Baseball-Reference, his most similar pitcher is Roger Pavlik.
  6. Volquez led the National League with 105 walks in 2012.
  7. He led the NL with 14 HBP in 2008.
  8. The first batter Volquez hit in the big leagues was the fifth man he faced, Aaron Rowand.
  9. The next batter, Jermaine Dye, hit the first homer Volquez allowed.
  10. Two batters after that, Volquez allowed his first walk, to the unwalkable Juan Uribe.
  11. Volquez got out of the inning by striking out future Padres second baseman Tadahito Iguchi.
  12. Garrett Jones is 3-for-13 against Volquez; all three hits are home runs.
  13. The most strikeouts Volquez has against a hitter is 12 (Hunter Pence).
  14. Volquez retired Geoff Blum all 13 times they faced each other, including six strikeouts.
  15. Volquez has hit one career home run, against Ramon Ortiz (6/2/13).
  16. He has allowed two home runs to pitchers: Yovani Gallardo (7/27/10) and Drew Pomeranz (5/7/12)
  17. Volquez is the only Edinson ever to play in the big leagues; one former and two current minor leaguers (including former Padres farmhand Edinson Rincon) also don the name.
  18. He is the only Volquez ever to play in the big leagues; there have been four minor leaguers, none active.
  19. His full name is an anagram of Squid Novel Zone.
  20. He may or may not like squid. Same with novels.
  21. When he signed with the Rangers, he was known as Julio Reyes.
  22. Julio Reyes is an anagram of Leisure Joy.
  23. The most batters Volquez has walked in a game is seven (4/24/09).
  24. He has walked five or more in 16 of 136 career starts; his record is 7-2 in those starts.
  25. His hero, Pedro Martinez, walked five or more in 14 of 409 career starts; his record was 4-7.
  26. Volquez has walked zero in four starts: twice in 2006, once in 2012, and once in 2013.
  27. His highest Game Score is 87; he threw a one-hitter against the Astros on 7/19/12.
  28. His lowest is -2, last Friday night at Coors Field: 2.1 IP, 11 H, 9 R, 9 ER, 0 HR, 2 BB, 1 K.
  29. In 2006, he tied for fourth in the PCL with 130 strikeouts; others in the top 20 were Eric Stults (128), Dennis Tankersley (123), and Dustin Moseley (114).
  30. Volquez missed a good chunk of the 2010 season thanks to a 50-game PED suspension.
  31. He shares a birthday with, among many others, former Padres outfielders Greg Vaughn and personal favorite Warren Newson.
  32. Volquez, John D’Acquisto and Tim Worrell are tied for 61st most wins by a Padres pitcher (16).
  33. With his next win, Volquez will move into a tie with Luis DeLeon, Mark Grant, Wade LeBlanc, Steve Mura, and Donne Wall for 56th in Padres history.
  34. Volquez has the second most wins among Padres pitchers whose last name begins with ā€œVā€ (Fernando Valenzuela has 23).
  35. With 232 strikeouts, Volquez ranks 51st in Padres history, ahead of DeLeon and behind Mike Adams.
  36. Volquez’s career first-half numbers (31-21 W-L, 4.17 ERA, 720 OPS against) are much stronger than his second-half numbers (18-24, 5.32, 802).
  37. He drives me crazy.

And now you know.

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