Five Glorious Innings

I’ve been a Negative Nevin in the early going here at Padres Public. What can I say, I’m a cranky dude. It’s worse when there’s no baseball.

Take all of last season, for example. Thanks to the ongoing dispute (my linked Baseball Prospectus article is behind the paywall; short version: the situation is convoluted and stupid) between Fox Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable, I watched five innings of Padres baseball on TV in 2012. It was June 9 and Andrew Cashner made his first start of the year.

My wife and I drove down to the High Dive on Morena that Saturday afternoon and watched Cashner pump serious fastballs for 2 1/3 innings. The most memorable was his third batter of the game, reigning MVP Ryan Braun. From my notes:

  • FB98
  • FB100
  • FB100

Braun struck out swinging on three pitches. He had no chance.

We had to strain a bit to watch the game. The Belmont Stakes and a European soccer match hogged the big screens, so we got a tiny one in the corner. Still, it was better than nothing, which is what we got for the rest of the season.

Having finished our pitcher of the beer formerly known as Yellowtail by the fifth inning, we left the bar and walked it off for a couple of hours before heading home. While wandering around Siesel’s Market and various other locales, it occurred to me that this was not a practical way for us to watch baseball games.

I’ve been vocal in my criticism of the respective parties’ inability to get their act together and do right by the fans. I’ve also largely given up on the cause. I’ve given up cable as well, but that’s another story.

Still, I have that memory of watching Cashner pump serious fastballs past Braun and company on a tiny screen in a friendly bar where folks watched horse racing and soccer. I probably remember that game better than I remember any other the Padres have played in the past several years.

The commodity was made scarce. The value became higher–well, except for the whole losing 86 games thing. I doubt this is what anyone had in mind, but there you go. And hey, those were five glorious innings.

* * *

How many innings of Padres baseball did you watch on TV last year? Leave a comment, send an email (, or hit me up on Twitter (@ducksnorts).

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  • I would guess that I watched less that 40 innings. It’s all pretty vague. And I still call it Yellowtail Pale Ale.

  • I was able to watch a solid 15 innings I think. Since I live in Orange County, I was able to watch the games between the Pads the Peoples Republic of Dodgers on PrimeTicket. Vin Scully sang me lullabies. Problem is, I had school at night and work during the day. Sure, I could have DVRd it (And did, a couple times) but its just easier to Gamecast those bad boys in those situations. And, due to starving college student status, I was only able to attend two games last year. But boy did I relish basking in the glory of Eric Stults and Ross Ohlendorf. Good times.

  • I watched 4 innings while ignoring my wife’s friends watching a game above their heads at a restaurant. I went to 3 games. To give you perspective, in 2011 I went to 15. In 2010 I went to 18. In 2006 I went to 18, In 2005 I went to 16. (I went to 6-7 Nats games including all the Padres games in 2007/2008 and had a subscription to MLB.TV and watched 30/40 games. In 2009 I was too underemployed to go to many games, but I scrapped enough money together to get MLB Radio and the AtBat Ap.)

    2012 was the least involved with a Padres season since 1995.

  • Axion

    *defiantly still calls it Yellowtail, fists raised, shouting curses into the sky*

  • If you are only going to see 5 innings of Padres baseball in 2012, Cashner’s debut and him blowing Braun away are a pretty good choice.

    • Geoff Young

      It was the most impressive dismantling of a great hitter by a Padres pitcher that I can remember since Cla Meredith vs Albert Pujols.

  • Gloccamorra

    Well, I have Cox Cable since I live in the sleazy southern part of San Diego, so I watched well over 1000 innings. There was a period just before the 81 game mark when the predictions of 110 losses were getting to me, but I kept watching. Even a 110 loss season is historic, right? I sure didn’t want to miss the home town team making history, so I kept watching.

  • SDPads1

    I watched almost every game. Please don’t murder me.

    PS-Yellowtail 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  • Pat

    Geoff, this reminds me of what it was like for me, too. Refused to even subscribe to TW and hardly saw any games on TV. I went to Randy Jones BBQ (Randy Jones BBQ!!!) one night to sit at the bar and watch the game. Not a single se I the place ha the Padres on! I asked and they stuck me in a booth in the far back corner where a small set was stuck on the wall across from it and they put the game on it. Sorry, RJ, I love you, but I will never go back to your restaurant.

  • padresfuture

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. I fear that Cashner may end up late inning relief due to an inability to stay healthy as a starter. We shall see, but the talent is there. As for the TWC dispute, i dont have a dog in the fight but it all seems a bit silly to me.

  • LynchMob

    I watched ZERO innings of Padre baseball on TV last year … because I live in Oregon … so it is do-able …

    Did fans of the 1969 Padres watch any games on TV?

    When was the first Padres telecast? What season was the first that all games were on TV?

    It’s all about box scores and recaps, baby! 🙂

    Oh, with the added bonus that I can and do go to and watch the highlights every once in a while …