Translating the Translation on Kwang-Hyun Kim

MLB Trade Rumors reported late on Tuesday night that the SK Wyverns of the Korean Professional Baseball league accepted the Padres $2 million bid for pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim, leaving San Diego with a 30-day window to negotiate a deal with the Korean lefty. MLB Trade Rumors also linked to an article on Naver Sportsa Korean website, to confirm the story. I used the foolproof Google Chrome translator to render the Korean text English, then retranslated that here for your reading pleasure.

Django at the end of ‘OK’ sign found. SK has decided to accept the post of internal policy the amount of major league teams for Kim, Kwang – Hyun (27). Kim, Kwang – Hyun has 30 days to open a formal press conference last month announced its intention to challenge the big leagues via the posting system. Since SK is asked to post the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) one day two months, the highest bid amount received notice from 11 days KBO.

At the end of Django Unchained, everything turned out okay, as it will here. SK has decided to accept the Padres $2 million posting fee for the rights to Kwang-Hyun Kim, leaving Kim, who announced his intentions to challenge the big leagues in a formal press conference last month, with 30 days to strike a deal with San Diego. Since SK posted Kim eight days ago, the Korean baseball club has waited patiently for major leagues teams to file their bids.

But notice the amount received was lower than expected is ridiculously Kim, Kwang – Hyun and SK. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports USA is 12 days at his Twitter, “one team presents the highest amount of money to Kim, Kwang – Hyun reportedly $ 2 million in a bid for San Diego,” he said. SK situations that adhere to the position that the ‘do not disclose the amount. But Chosun Ilbo interview results, it was confirmed receiving $ 2,000,000. SK expected to post at least 500 million more than the amount did not conceal his embarrassment to bid less than the expected amount. Upon receiving notification of bid amount immediately went into a meeting convened to a meeting, the meeting continued throughout the long 11th. At the end the conclusion Django SK Frosty is’ allowed US entry.

But the amount received was lower than expected, and both Kim and SK thought it was ridiculously low. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports USA, an infamous Twitterer, wrote the other day that, “one team has presented the highest amount of money for Kwang-Hyun Kim, and reportedly it’s a $2 million bid by the San Diego Padres.” SK has confirmed that Rosenthal breached a “do not disclose” agreement between Major League Baseball and the Korean Baseball Organization, but they are not pressing the issue. SK was expecting at least a $500 million posting fee for Kim and could not conceal their embarrassment when the less-than-expected bid amount was announced. Upon receiving the bid notification, SK officials immediately convened in a closed-door meeting, a meeting that continued throughout the long day on Tuesday. At the end, the officials concluded that Kim would be allowed US entry.

I have respect for the will of the players. Kim, Kwang – Hyun has nine this “disappointing amount posted in a meeting with club officials immediately notified the maximum bid amount but just want to stand on the American stage. 12 days to give me time to think, “he told her meaning. Determination of the current Kim, Kwang – Hyun seems not easy to change. However, the parameters determining the mogeurup. Mogeurup because there may be disagreement on the inside. In particular, the ace pitcher representing the SK Baseball goes to ‘steal’ some have reportedly negative voice in that.

“I have respect for the will of the players to travel to America,” said an unnamed SK official. Kim has expressed his disappointment that SK will only receive $2 million if he agrees to a deal with the Padres, but he just wants the chance to prove himself on the American stage. “It gives me time to think,” he told a reporter after the news was announced, meaning that Kim’s mind isn’t going to be an easy one to change. However, the parameters determining Kim’s decision to test the major leagues are complicated, as there’s some disagreement on the inside of SK’s front office on his desires. In particular, some negative SK officials believe that the ace pitcher is just trying to steal headlines by abandoning his team.

As the amount of SK team accepts the post, Kim, Kwang – Hyun is known as San Diego and one month presented the highest bid has the exclusive bargaining. SK is accepting the fact the post is expected to deliver 13 days KBO.

As SK did indeed accept the posting fee, Kim and San Diego — the highest bidding team that now owns an exclusive bargaining window — now have one month to strike a deal. SK is resigned to the fact that they will receive their $2 million in roughly 13 days.

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