You Can Never Have Too Many Slow-Mo Wil Myers Gifs

Watching Wil Myers bat last week had me wondering about his swing: his back foot is super weird. Hover your mouse over the image below to watch:

That’s Wil smacking around a double off the Cardinals’ Seth Maness last Friday and one of 9 Padres swings measured at 108mph or more off the bat so far this season.

In part thanks to the awesomeness that is Fox Sports’ high speed camera, there’s a lot to see. Now, I’m not anywhere close to being a scout. I also don’t have much experience hitting; I was fairly bad* at hitting baseballs until I stopped trying at age 15.

But Myers’ feet are doing weird things I’m not used to seeing feet doing, even for baseball players. Instead of pivoting, his back leg is dragged sideways toward the pitcher. At the end of his swing the right side of his foot digs hard into the ground.

I hadn’t noticed it before, so I was curious if it’s new or just Wil being Wil. I dug up this video of Myers with the Rays in June, 2013. Turns out it’s just Wil:

With a 119 wRC+ this year, his results might speak for themselves. You do you, Wil.

*I did receive a few of those “you kinda suck but have a good attitude” awards

(Thanks to Harry Pavlidis and Nick Wheatley-Schaller for making this gif magic work)

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  • Brian Stoops

    Excuse me while I watch that super slow-mo gif all day.

  • His front foot looks pretty weird, too, though maybe that’s just because of the slow-mo. From my non-scout perspective, good hitters usually transfer their weight to their front side which results in their back foot being on its toe or off the ground. Myers almost does that at contact, but it’s definitely different. Good observation!