Sez Bill (03/15): Less interesting edition

-“Maybin has been bothered by a lower back pain this spring. Seems to be more nagging than anything serious.”

-The Padres liked Kelly and Rizzo equally. And no one is calling Rizzo an All-Star yet.

-Peterson has looked better than Spangenberg this spring and has a better shot at short than Spang has at second behind Gyorko, Forsythe and Amarista.

-“Kelly’s injury seems to date back to last season, it is not something that specifically happened this year.”

-The Padres changed conditioning coaches over the winter.

-“(Quentin’s) knee is an issue and it was discussed for the first time today his availabilty for Opening Day could be in question if this continues.”

-“The protocol for rehab and the return time is different for pitchers and position players. Denorfia said it took him more than a season to get his swing back following elbow reconstruction surgery.”

-Garcia improved his chances of winning a spot in his last outing.

-Readers are really pounding Bill for not calling the Rizzo/Cashner trade a win for the Cubs and he keeps saying that we’ll know more as the year goes on.

-Blanks won’t start the year on the Padres’ bench. He’ll either be in Tucson or in left filling in for Quentin.

-“I know the Padres still aren’t happy with Grandal. It’s largely up to Hundley. He has to regain his hitting form of 2011 while staying healthy. He hasn’t really stayed healthy for a full season.”

-If Quentin is not available for Opening Day, Bill sees Blanks getting the call in left.

-Adding another starting pitchers has not been discussed recently.

-The Padres are looking to Cashner and Bass to make up for the loss of Kelly.

-Bill thinks Bass’ place is in the bullpen.

-It’s easier for owners to invest if there is a reasonable expectation of return.

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  • Peterson has consistently looked better than Spang since his minor league career started. Considering he plays a more premium position, I’d say he’s definitely the more promising prospect.

  • Tom

    I’m not sure I get the crazy Rizzo love. He certainly may be better than Alonso but let’s not forget that he was awful in 2011 and wasn’t really that great last season after his hot start – in fact Alonso had a higher raw OPS in the 2nd half last season. Maybe we should hold off for a bit on whether they traded the wrong 1B.

    • Mike

      Tom – I don’t think it’s a matter of Rizzo love as it is more of an everyday player for a relief pitcher that is the problem for people. Scouts generally don’t think Cashner will be able to hold up as a starting pitcher & see his role as ultimately in the bullpen long-term. Relief pitchers should be the easiest & cheapest thing to acquire. So if that is the case, we most likely traded an above average everyday player for a relief pitcher. That is not a good trade.

    • No one said anything about trading the wrong first baseman. At least not here.

      • Tom

        That was more a reflection on the general Padre fan.

    • Also, Rizzo’s 2011 has been blown way out of proportion in Padres circles. It was 100 at-bats around his 22nd birthday. To put that in perspective, when Alonso turned 22, he was still in High-A.