Sez Bill (03/08): HUGE SCANDAL? Edition

-Bill starts the chat off by ignoring a question about what kind of return the Padres will be looking for in a trade for Headley

-Kelly has a better shot of making the Opening Day rotation than T. Ross

-Bill likes Jankowski and Hedges of the youngsters and he points out that Hedges is in the big league camp

-Players are just as talented now as they used to be

-Black won’t keep two lefties in the pen for the sake of keeping two lefties in the pen

-“The number of correct calls by MLB Trade Rumors is not particularly high.”

(I think it’s safe to assume that Bill doesn’t know how MLBTR works)

-Stauffer has to be on the major league roster by May 4 or an out clause in his contract is triggered

-Blanks could hit 20-25 home runs with 70-80 RBI as an everyday player

-Hundley has a better offensive year than Maybin

-Bill’s order of ascension: Roach, Portillo, Wisler and Sampson

-Alonso is off to a slow start this spring because he’s working on some changes that he started to make with Plantier back in January

-Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod said they would not have taken Tate with Boston’s pick at the end of the first round in the 2010 draft because they had concerns. Bill also said that those concerns didn’t have to do with drugs.

-Here’s how Bill ranks the potential pitching options:

“1. Richard, 2. Volquez, 3. Marquis, 4. Stults, 5. Cashner, 6. Kelly, 7. Bass, 8. Ross, 9. Stauffer, 10. O’Sullivan, 11. Erlin, 12. Roach (with Luebke waiting in the wings)”

-There is no best time for the WBC

-Bill would trade Gregerson and plus one for Porcello

-He thinks that Blanks opens the season getting regular at-bats in Tucson. He then says that if an AL team comes calling for Guzman, he “wouldn’t be unhappy to see Kyle open the season on the Padres bench.”

-Richard has the inside track for the Opening Day assignment

-Moores and Moorad screwed the Padres by taking the $200 million from the TV deal but they didn’t break any rules. He also says that Fowler and other minority owners spent their cut on the purchase.


Run that one back, please:

“As for Fowler and several other minority owners, they apparently reinvested their share — said to be around 25 percent of the $200 milliomn — into their share of buying the club.”

I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this.

Back to the chat.

-Alonso is his pick for most disappointing player so far at camp

-Bill compares Headley’s trade situation to Adrian’s, when Boston was the only real choice due to their need and ability offer an extension

-Bill likes DrunkPadre’s comparison of Jankowski and Steve Finley

-Marver asked Bill to clarify his comments about Fowler and the TV money:

Comment From ChangeThePadres
So it is true that the new owners used some of the Padres own money to buy the team itself? How is this not HUGE news? Grill them, Bill!

Bill Center: 
I’ve not heard that at all about the Seidler and O’Malleys. That is one contention that some members of MLB had about Moorad, that he was using money from revenue sharing to help buy the Padres on his lay-away deal. This group didn’t have time to use any of that money in the less than two months it had to complete the sale.

-Hundley has looked good and Maybin’s not where Bill wants him to be.

-Marver again:

Comment From Marver
Wait…so Fowler actually used the team’s money — ie. the TV up-front revenue — to buy the team itself? Do you have a source? Thanks.

Bill Center:
It was his money.

(En serio?)

-Bill will be very disappointed if the team claims it cannot afford Headley

-Hedges is in camp on a “recon mission”

-Bill thinks Cashner takes the fifth spot in the rotation

-The politicians lost their “clout in this fight” (TWC vs. FSSD) when they divided San Diego into territories and handed them over to TWC and Cox

-Khalil Greene now owns a small farm in Tennessee

-“I don’t see a salary cap in baseball. Too many big-market owners oppose the idea.”

-“Many players would love to see Hundley have a breakout season and keep Grandal in the minors for extended punishment.”

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