Sez Bill (03/01)

Thanks to VMDave for covering #SezBill these past two weeks while I was blissfully away not covering #SezBill.

Back to the grind, though.

-The Padres are being cautious with Quentin and are not alone, as Albert Pujols, Matt Kemp and Derek Jeter have yet to play this spring.

-Just read the whole thing:

11:56 – Comment From Dave B.
How is TWC any different from the Padres in that both aren’t willing to pay market value, but it’s okay for the Padres?

12:00 – Bill Center:
We don’t really know yet if the Padres are willing to pay market value. The test case will be Chase Headley. I can guess the two examples you are talking about over the winter — not giving Dan Haren $13.2 million for a season and Edwin Jackson a fourth season. Those were more baseball decisions than money decisions. GM Josh Byrnes didn’t want to go that far with either player. The Time Warner fight with Fox goes well beyond the borders of San Diego County.

-Bill believes that Yonder Alonso is going to make a huge jump this year and that Gyorko “looks like he can play,” but the starting pitching really concerns him.

-Forsythe hasn’t taken enough balls in left to play there during ST. Also, left is difficult to play in Arizona because of the sun and wind.

-“It seems to me that the new owners like the direction that Byrnes and Bud Black are taking the Padres.”

-When it comes to baseball operations, Garf has the second highest vote on all decisions after the owners. “But Byrnes still seems to be able make decisions on his own.”

-Bill is impressed by Travis Jankowski’s speed.

-Bill sees Marquis, Cashner and Kelly taking the three, four and five spots in the rotation with Bass in the bullpen and Cashner’s backup. He also says that Ross needs to improve his command and that O’Sullivan’s odds are better than Garcia’s right now.

-“Given the flexor tendon surgery and his past history, I think it is too soon to be counting on Stauffer.”

-Gyorko’s second base defense has been “better than expected thus far.”

-The UT is planning on covering the team’s finances this Sunday.

-“(Casher) is seen right now as being only a starting pitcher.”

-“If they get solid starting pitching, I could see the Padres possibly challenging for a wild card berth. If not, no.”

-“We’ll know more (about Blanks) when pitchers are throwing a lot more breaking balls later in spring training. I still think he has to open the season at Triple-A Tucson to get his swing totally back.”

-If Gyorko makes the OD roster, Amarista’s probably the odd man out.

-“60-40” that Gyorko is the OD second baseman.

-Bill doesn’t think the Padres were counting on Garcia making the rotation.

-Get off ownership’s back, they raised payroll $15M and spent $25M on Petco! Bill also pretty much denied that the Padres are broke and said “Just because one person says it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

-“I’ve heard the season ticket sales are running ahead of past seasons, although I don’t know what that figure is.”

-The Padres promise that they won’t keep Gyorko in Tucson to protect his Super 2 status.

-Black said that Forsythe looked “sharp” at short.

-He takes Forsythe and Blanks over Amarista and Darnell.

-Correction: Payroll will be near $70 million once it’s all said and done. Probably.

-Bill closed with a comment saying that he’ll “crunch those payroll numbers again.” Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it was Marver who called him out on it.

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