Sez Bill (02/08)

-Bill says that he doesn’t “think the Padres know where they totally stand with Headley.” He’ll be worth $15 million a year and the Padres haven’t paid that to anyone since they moved Peavy.

(It should be noted that the Padres never actually paid Peavy that much. He was traded to Chicago before his extension kicked in.)

-Bill read some excerpts from “The Padres: The Sad Truth” and thinks that there are some valid points but he also thinks that part of it was overstated.

-“Clayton Richard’s arbitration hearing is set for the end of the first week of spring training or the start of the second week.”

-The Mariners extended Felix Hernandez because he’s popular and they’ve made a point of trying to appease fans after losing Johnson and Griffey.

-The Padres have had Grandal relocate his offseason home from Miami to Phoenix following his suspension.

-“The depth of prospects in the system is one reason why (the Padres) are reluctant to trade prospects. And remember, the Padres are on record as saying the future of their club rests in the farm system rather than the free agent market. That makes them even more reluctant to trade prospects.”

-Don’t get it twisted, Moorad had operational control when he was in town. (This was in response to a question trying to assign blame for the Adrian and Peavy trades to Moores.)

-“I don’t see there being any chance of the Padres considering a long-term deal for Headley if the price is $15 million a year — and when you look at David Wright, that could be a conservative market value by the time we reach 2015. If the Padres reach that decision, it would make the most sense to trade him.”

-The Felix Hernandez extension is a sign of where the market is headed and it would be 40% of the Padres new TV money.

(Think about it, wink wink headley headley.)

-“The Mariners and Rays have both stretched their budgets for certain players (Felix Hernandez and Evan Longoria, respectively) who they believe are instrumental to the success of their club and crucial to maintaining a relationship with their fan base.” If Headley approaches Tony-levels, he’ll really force the team’s hand.

-He doesn’t think Byrnes really has confidence in the starting pitching. They’ll be looking to make a trade during ST.

-The new dimensions at Petco will help the Padres mentally but it might help other teams with better power in more quantifiable ways.

-It’s doubtful that Headley will be traded immediately.

-“For many fans in the North County, the Angels could be a better option — especially because you can’t seer either the Angels or the Padres on Time Warner”

-A rant: “I want to rant about the ticket agents. Several of the long time employees have left the organization. A few have been promoted. They have been replaced with kids right out of college, many not from the area who know nothing about the city, the team, the history etc. They all seem to think everyone is a Facebook, smartphone, superfiscal gen-xer! The Padres have always been about personal contact, not some app! I don’t like where these changes are going.”

-Bill gives Byrnes a C, down from the strong B he had last year.

-The giveaway schedule is weak this year.

-Another rant, this one from Bill’s BFF, no-dog: “The Marver documentary may have some small issues, but the messages is clear and correct. The Padres front office manipulated the fan base to line their pockets and this ownership group is the same as the revious group. Gee, where have I heard that before? The only thing missing from the documentary was to end it with ‘But Hey, look at our new fences!’.”

-Bill questions the team’s minor league depth due to the scarcity of outfielders and lack of a quality shortstop in the higher levels.

-“You could argue that in dollars-vs.-results, Richard was a better bargain. But Peavy at his best was sensational — an All-Star and a Cy Young Award winner. You can’t say what he might have achieved if he hadn’t been injured. too much hindsight for me. It’s too much apples and oranges.”

-“Gyorko is not a great defender at second or third. I had a scout tell me last year that he doubted Gyorko was a major league third baseman and might be better suited to playing second given the bat.”

-“The free agent market for pitching this winter was more costly than the Padres expected. Now either they miscalculated or the market really turned into a seller’s market as several other teams also claimed. Either way, the Padres stuck out when trying to address their biggest need.”

-Volquez and Richard are better than you think.

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