Padres Second Baseman, The Last 15

I promise I’ll stop writing about second basemen. But not yet. Presented here mostly without comment, are the combined wRC+ and WAR totals for Padres second baseman the last 15 or so years. You might notice a light shining from the heavens on Mark Loretta. The worst mark came last year thanks to the awful start to Jace Peterson‘s career, and my boy Jedd Gyorko not exactly picking up Jace’s slack.

I’ll leave the analysis for elsewhere. For now there’s just context.

2015 89 0.8
2014 60 -0.7
2013 98 2.3
2012 88 1.5
2011 74 1.1
2010 82 3
2009 78 -0.4
2008 80 -0.1
2007 76 0.1
2006 97 3.4
2005 94 3.1
2004 137 5.8
2003 118 4.8
2002 81 1.8
2001 77 -0.3
2000 92 3.1

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  • ballybunion

    “Mostly without comment”? I think you would have done better to at least provide a skeleton sketch of comment. Mentioning last year’s worst rating with only two names attached practically places all the blame on those two, when Cory Spangenberg, Yangervis, Alexi, and even Irving Falu contributed. You can’t judge the play by watching the auditions.

    It also says nothing of Jedd’s playing with plantar fasciitis and getting little sleep while he and his wife tried to take care of his preemie twin sons before relatives arrived to help out. Those little details have an effect but don’t make it into the aggregate measures like wRC+ and WAR.

    All the chart alone tells me is that, with the exception of a couple years, the Padres didn’t have any outstanding second basemen so far this century. That might be a revelation to younger fans, but I’m old enough to remember when third base was the traditional Padres’ black hole.

  • ballybunion

    Well, it’s now a month later, the season is over, and the Padres are looking for a manager. Where’s that “light shining from the heavens” guy, you think he might be a candidate, with those lofty connections?