Introducing The Sacrifice Bunt Newsletter

Today I’m launching a new project, The Sacrifice Bunt Newsletter, and you can find all of the pertinent details inside that link. It’s basically a Padres-focused e-mail newsletter that you can subscribe to for a (hopefully) reasonable price.

I’ve greatly enjoyed writing here at Padres Public, a stretch that has included nearly 250 (!) articles in ~3.5 years. It’s been a ridiculous amount of fun for me, and I’m especially grateful to you, the reader, for reading and commenting and helping to make the whole thing an enjoyable experience. A big thanks to Sac Bunt Chris for inviting me to join him and for always giving me good advice, as well as to Rick and the rest of the gang for giving me a decent parking space at headquarters and just generally putting up with me. This isn’t necessarily goodbye, because I’ll still be hanging around this site, but a lot of my focus will be redirected toward this new venture.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing over the past few years, I hope you’ll consider subscribing. I’m not a great salesman, but I promise it’s going to be good.

—Sac Bunt Dustin

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  • Bacsi

    I was there for the 96 and 98 teams. Sat in the stands at a Padre’s World Series. Management spent money and produced a winning team. Now with the same market and a new stadium they have a chronic looser.
    Worst team batting average in the majors. 4th from the bottom in team pitching in the National league. If they don’t spend some money and get quality players they will spend the next decade where they are now. Time to pony up or admit that the Padres will never return to glory days.