Woods for Mayor?

By Steven Woods


To Whom it may concern:

My buddy Rick (from RJ’s Fro) asked me to put together my “pitch”, pun intended for the vacant Padres PA announcer job, so here goes:

First and foremost, replacing a legend like Frank Anthony is an impossible task. Let’s leave it at that. I couldn’t ever hope to step seamlessly into his shoes. That being said..someone is going to get the job and I think it should be me.

Granted, I don’t have long-standing ties to the San Diego community, but that’s not by choice. I’ve been living here for four years and I plan on finding a way to die here.

I love and respect the game of baseball as much as anyone I know and have been an advocate for the great game at every opportunity.

I do morning radio at 94/9 and my schedule (if my boss will approve it) would allow me to do mornings and all 81 games at Petco (plus playoffs hopefully). I will sleep when I’m dead, I guess.

I’ve been told that I have a good voice, though to me it sounds shrill and nasally. But that’s what great mic’s and processing is for.

I’m very much like Dwight Schrute in that “I never take vacations, I don’t get sick, and I don’t celebrate any major holidays”. I missed one day last year, due to my appendix nearly bursting and was in the studio the day after surgery, wrapping up another show that I record. I’m a machine. Plain and simple. That’s tongue in cheek, but true.

I want it. I’ll respect it. Let me have it. Please. I’m begging you.


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