Vernon Wells is available?

Who likes playing with free money?  Well, I sure do!   Thanks to the Evil Empire, Vernon Wells, is now available!  It’s not everyday you can sign a $21 million dollar player for one season and have him completely paid in full ($18.6 million by the Angels and 2.4 million by the Yankees).  He’s 35 years old and coming off a three-season slump, but the guy still has some pop, I think.

I can hear all the naysayers now:

“He’s old.”

“He’s posted a negative WAR two of the last three seasons.”

“We already have too many outfielders.”

“Come on man, Seth Smith is the ‘Final Piece’, this has been established!”

“He can’t hit, and he sure as hell can’t field.”

“Did I mention already, he’s OOOOOOOOOLD!”

VWOkay, okay…I get the hint!  You don’t want Vernon Wells.  But let’s pull back the curtain a bit and see what he can offer.

Okay, okay…did I mention he will be FREE?
“He’s free for a reason.”

Okay, okay…did I mention our best outfielder last year was Will freakin Venable, nobody can stay healthy, and with more competition in Spring Training, the better chances for catching lightning in a bottle.
“No you didn’t mention that, but I don’t care, he is OLD!”

So, I might not be able to convince you that giving Vernon Wells a chance is a good idea. But, our team has proven they can’t stay healthy or consistently hit for power.  Wells is not the answer to those problems, but he is going into another contract year and if he wants to continue his successful baseball career, a little SoCal sunshine and moved in fences might go a long way!

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