To and Fro: Random Thoughts

There has been a bunch of things that I have wanted to talk about lately but there wasn’t enough for a whole post. So here is a mish mosh of stuff. Enjoy?

Padres vs Indians at USD (3/28)

I got a last minute ticket to this game from my buddy Marshall. I had yet to visit Fowler Park so I was pretty excited to witness some action here. My thoughts? Absolutely beautiful ballpark and I now need to go to some USD games this year. Parking is free, but my only complaint was the food lines were insanely long and slow. Perhaps they aren’t as bad for USD games? Matt Wisler The Padres got smoked by the Indians in this game 16-4. On the plus side I got to listen to the smooth sounds of #PadresPA25 in person that night.


Padres Preview Night (3/31)

Sacrifice Bunt Chris (who?) wrote about this in great detail here. I’d like to add a few things though. As a HUGE Lucha Libre fan, I am stoked to see them at Petco Park this season so this was by far the highlight of my night…..


Also check out Chris taking some hacks at the plate….

I was a little let down by the ’84 style replica jersey that they will be giving away on May 24th. On one hand it’s cool that they will have Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey, Graig Nettles, Kevin McReynolds and Ed Whitson (someone else’s pants not included) versions. However this does not appear to be the same jersey I was lucky enough to announce a couple months back. I could be wrong though, what do you think? Also, no Goose Gossage?? I’m tough to please when it comes to this stuff. However I was told by Wayne Partello that if I could guess the bobblehead he’d let me be the first to announce it. Judging by his reaction, I think I guessed it.


Opening Day (4/1)

I am a man of tradition and I like seeing day time baseball for my first game. Upon arriving I said hello to the Jerry Coleman statue.


And then ventured around the ballpark checking out the new stands. I then briefly settled in to my seat before I had to leave early to go to my grandpa’s 99th birthday dinner. So this is what it feels like to be a Dodger fan. But hey, it’s not every day you turn 99.

Ballpark Food Tour (4/2)

Most of you know by now the absolutely insane options for food and drink inside the ballpark. Randy Jones, Lucha Libre, Bumblebee Tuna, Ballast Point, Hodads, Phil’s BBQ, Stone, Seaside Market & Rimels are just some of the amazing options available to you. It used to be a pretty easy choice for me every time I visited the ballpark, now I’ll have hard time choosing one place and might need to work up a rotation so I don’t turn into a fat kid. Add to that a craft beer list that includes:

Ballast Point
Green Flash
Saint Archer
Karl Strauss
Mother Earth

And that list is continuing to grow. In fact I spoke with the VP of concessions and retail Scott Marshall and suggested a few of my missing favorites and his response was “We need to get it…”

Gaslamp Ball did a great write up on the tour here. One thing I’d like to add though is that the Stone will be opening a kitchen sometime this season and will serve some of the items that you can find on their other menus. Also I was unaware that the Pork Belly Nachos are no longer served at Ballast Point. I’ll get to the bottom of that….

One last thing, Seaside Market is my new favorite thing ever. The orange juice is hands down the best I have ever had, the Cardiff Crack (tri-tip) is probably the best thing on any menu in the ballpark, the market aspect is pure genius and they also have tons of gluten free items here, making it easier for those with dietary restrictions to find something good to eat at the ballpark. In fact rumor has it they sold over 700 pounds of tri-tip on Opening Night and at $15.00 a pop (the sandwiches are stacked though), the fans seem to want more of the crack.

Rimels is also a cool spot. I was confused when they closed off the outside seating area in the Hall of Fame Grill but honestly the view is better from Rimels, more people can be out there and there is no inning limit. Apparently they intend to have it be an after-game downtown hangout at some point where they’ll open it up to the public, continue serving food and drinks and getting a DJ. jbox requested balloon animals but I think that request fell on deaf ears.

Bring Back the Brown!!

You guys got the first peek at the sunglasses that Knockaround will be giving away on May 25th. This is their 3rd year now doing the promotion and each time it’s a hit with the fans. They upped the ante with the Fort Knocks this year and added some sweet old school SD logos on there. I am sold!


Here today, gone tomorrow

In the near future I’ll be branching out a bit. Lobshots will be the home to my merch posts, Gaslamp Ball will be home to my history posts and the rest of the stuff will land here. I’ve always enjoyed both of their work so I’m thrilled to be joining up with them on some stuff and look forward to having some fun.

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