To and Fro: July 2nd, 2015

I’ve got a lot of topics to cover and, like I’ve done a few times in the past, decided to scrunch them all into one post. It’s To and Fro time!

-Man, is it me or has the Chicken and Garry Templeton been EVERYWHERE lately. On the radio, in the newspaper and on TV, every time I turn around I see another interview with one of them. Now that’s no knock against them, because I love both the Chicken and Tempy, but it’s more of an observation on the media aspect. The media has rarely done historical pieces on this team. Corey Brock has done some great pieces over the years on various past players and personnel, but that’s been about it. Perhaps that is the past ownerships fault, since they didn’t acknowledge it’s history at all. Now that the team is recognizing history again, maybe the media is taking note. Or maybe there is something more to it and these two will be inducted into the Padres Hall of Fame this year? In my last post, I had mentioned that there will indeed be new inductees this year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

-Say what you will about this team, but I still stand by AJ Preller and this past off-season. From the business side, they needed fans to come through those turnstiles and they succeeded in that aspect. There was a hype surrounding this team that it had never seen before, regardless of if it was warranted or not. For years, this team was the laughing stock of the league and they finally got everyone’s attention with their flurry of moves. Yes, he traded practically the entire system, however that system was ranked in the middle of the majority of the rankings, and that was before Preller traded away many of the guys. When Byrnes was let go, I wrote about how the system was in shambles. Kevin Goldstein gave them the #1 spot in 2012, Jason Parks gave them the #3 spot in 2013, in 2014 Parks put them at #11 but would later say that they had sunk even lower around the time of the firing and the BP Prospect team put them at #16 this season (before the Matt Wisler trade) No one knew that Matt Kemp and the entire pitching staff would be this bad. I still don’t think they are this bad.

-They dropped the ball in a huge way on many of the marketing tactics. From moving Fan Fest to 2 days before Opening Day to completely mailing it in on the promotional schedule, they failed to capitalize on the hype. When other teams were having their FanFest or Conventions or Caravans, the Padres were doing nothing. They would later do a mini caravan but it paled in comparison to what other teams were doing. Was the front office getting cocky about the team? Perhaps. But now with the team floundering in the standings and hardly any items on the promotional schedule, what will bring people to the ballpark? Nelly? Ok.

-I’ve been saying it for years, the All-Star game voting is a sham. I never take part in it because it’s pointless. Moving on.

-I was kind of annoyed yesterday by Pat Murphy’s comments.

What do Kemp, Justin Upton, James Shields, Derek Norris, Will Middlebrooks, Craig Kimbrel, Wil Myers, Clint Barmes, just to name a few, have in common? They have ALL played for playoff teams, most of them in big markets. So don’t tell me that they can’t handle the pressure. San Diego is one of the most laid back cities out there and they are complaining about pressure? GTFO. It’s game 80 in a season that has been dreadful and you are just getting your first smattering of boos from the fans. Seriously, GTFO with that comment. I like Murph, but that statement is a cop out. I’ll chalk it up to a rookie post game flub this one time.

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