To and Fro: July 17th 2014

It’s the All-Star break and the Padres don’t play again until tomorrow, when they take on the New York Mets at Petco Park. Without baseball games to keep me focused, my thoughts are all over the place again. And you know what that means…’s time for To and Fro!

Tony Snub

It sucked that Tony Gwynn didn’t get a single mention by MLB and Fox during the All-Star game. Jerry Coleman, Don Zimmer and others didn’t either. It would have been nice for then to do something. Anything. But they clearly dropped the ball.

They issued a statement where they said they didn’t want to single out one guy and disrespect the others……during a game where they singled out one guy and disrespected others. I still can’t get that video tribute that apparently aired on FS1 to work. But I did get to see the Tony Gwynn Jr. interview with Ken Rosenthal and it’s extremely touching.

Not all bad?

It seems like every year I get that gut feeling that the opposing team is out homering the Padres at Petco Park. However, despite this year being pretty atrocious, it seemed like the Padres were actually doing a pretty decent job of keeping up with their opponents when it came to home runs at Petco. Let’s take a look at, you know, actual stats.

Home runs at Petco Park (For/Against – Percentage)
2004: 57/75 – 43.18
2005: 54/64 – 45.76
2006: 75/92 – 44.91
2007: 72/45 – 61.54
2008: 66/70 – 48.53
2009: 61/68 – 47.29
2010: 59/66 – 47.20
2011: 46/54 – 46.00
2012: 47/62 – 43.12
2013: 66/80 – 45.21
2014: 31/33 – 48.44

634/709 – 47.21

From 2004-2014 the Padres have been out-homered at home by 75, with their best season being in 2007 when they out-homered their opponents 72 to 45. The 2014 team is surprisingly on pace to have the 3rd best showing in Petco Park history. Let’s take a look at all 12 teams that also have a negative showing at home during the same time frame.

1. Royals 590/839 = -249 (388 wins) 41.29
2. Twins 694/852 = -158 (461 wins) 44.89
3. Mariners 706/832 = -126 (427 wins) 45.90
4. Astros* 861/960 = -99 (431 wins) 47.28
5. Diamondbacks 896/977 = -81 (432 wins) 47.84
6. Padres 634/709 = -75 (446 wins) 47.21
7. Giants 605/672 = -67 (468 wins) 47.38
8. Nationals* 729/795 = -66 (434 wins) 47.83
9. Angels 776/830 = -54 (497 wins) 48.32
10. Orioles 1025/1055 = -30 (420 wins) 49.28
11. Reds 1101/1127 = -26 (463 wins) 49.42
12. Mets 770/772 = -2 (441 wins) 49.94
*2007-2012 was in the NL Central/2013-2014 was in the AL West
**2004 was the Montreal Expos

Overall the Padres sit as the 6th worst differential. Based on percentages they have the 4th worst. Among the 12 teams they have the 5th most wins at home. Yay?

 The Chihuahuas Win

Another awesome Padres video!

Quiz Time!

Earlier this week I gave you an assignment. Watch the amazing Nineteen Summers movie and there would be a quiz today where you could potentially win some awesome prizes. Without further ado, here are the questions.

1. According to one player, roughly how many fans greeted the Padres at the airport when they returned to San Diego after back to back losses to the Cubs in the 1984 NLCS?

2. In 1970 Preston Gomez removed Clay Kirby from a game in which he was throwing a no-hitter. Why did he do it and what was the fan reaction at the ballpark?

3. Who was pitching when Ozzie Smith made the play that most people consider to be the all-time greatest play in Major League history?

4. After making some disparaging comments about Ray Kroc, this person was responsible for the Padres “Short Order Cooks Night”, in which any fan who wore a chef hat to the ballpark was admitted into the game for free.

5. Why did the Padres draft Jerry DaVanon?

6. Where did Gaylord Perry hide his “secret substance”?

7. What made Nate Colbert tear up while sitting in the on deck circle during a game?

8. What player had “wide side walls”?

9. According to Joan Kroc, what was the religious institution that Ray Kroc bought?

10. Who had the first pitch, first hit, first home run & first RBI in Padres history?

11. Who was Jim Eakle?

12. What did Dave Winfield do after driving in his 100th run in 1979?


What did Tony Gwynn’s license plate say on the Total Baseball video?

E-mail me your answers: rjsfro[at] and if you get 100% you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a prize pack. Good luck!

EDIT: I forgot to add this awesome Steve Garvey GIF I made!


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