The Padres Are Blowing It: Promo Arigato Mr. Roboto

A couple weeks back the Padres released the 2013 Promotional Schedule. In years past this news would get me pumped up, as anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE collector of all things Padres. But for quite some time now I have been horribly disappointed by the Padres efforts in this regard.

Let’s start with 2012. Normally the Padres would release the promotional schedule at FanFest and give the fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming items. Instead, there was no schedule but the fans were promised that it would be a “quality over quantity” type of year. Slowly but surely, items were announced. The wearables were once again brought front and center. This is fully understandable as the Padres recently changed their uniforms and the goal is to get the fans to start looking at least somewhat like a fan of the home team. There were no bobbleheads, garden gnomes, figures or anything to display. Of the many times I personally went to Petco Park last year, the Friar shirt, Opening Day shirt and Replica Jersey are the 3 items I saw the most of regarding 2012 giveaways. Also the Knockaround Sunglasses (7/19) were a late edition to the list and I see people wearing those like crazy (even if they aren’t as cool as the Bring Back the Brown ones ha!). Beerfest, Octoberfest and the 70’s/80’s/90’s nights topped the list for events. Overall many people were disappointed and felt the Padres failed to deliver on the “quality over quantity” promise though.

This year there was no promise, but after viewing the schedule it seems as if the Padres are just doing the bare minimum, yet again, because it’s standard for MLB teams to have a promotional schedule.

– 5 wearables (1 hat, 1 replica jersey, 3 shirts)
– Chase Headley bobblehead
– 2 towels (1 of the rally, 1 of the beach)
– Fireworks (1 every month except May)
– 2 Beerfests, 1 Wine Fest, 1 Ultimate Cookout
– 3 Retro Nights (‘98/PCL/80’s)

It’s quite yawn worthy. Nothing new. Nothing different. I love bobbleheads but even I scratch my head at the Headley bobblehead considering he just had one in 2010.  The Beach Towel has a slick look with the Swinging Friar logo but everyone knows my opinion of Rally Towels. Especially Rally Towels that are Blue & White when you are playing against the Dodgers that night (palm of hand meet forehead). Also what happened to Sunday “kid only” giveaways? They didn’t have them last year either. Kids like useless crap. If kids see that the Padres are giving them useless crap every time they go to a game they might want to continue going to games. And retro nights are great when they are done right, but they haven’t been executed correctly in years here.

The thing that drives me crazy about all of this is that I follow a good portion of the other Major League teams on Twitter. Pretty much every team has been hyping up at least 1 promotional item that is unique to that city or completely off the wall for weeks now. The sad thing is the Padres don’t have 1 item on that list that they can hype up. I go to a ton of games every year. Promotional items don’t drive me to Petco Park but at the same time if there is one item I can’t live without I’ll make sure I go to it. But there are a lot of casual fans that all they will only go when there is a great promotion and I have a feeling we won’t be seeing them very often this year. Overall there is a lot to be desired here but at the same time there are a lot of holes on the list leaving room for new additions. Let’s cross our fingers they improve this mess.

*Tune in next Thursday for my vision of a better Promotional Schedule*

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  • SingingFriar

    The Padres used to have some sick giveaways for the kids: Brian Giles in a box, Padres Mr. Potato Head, etc. And who could forget the Tony Gwynn nesting dolls?! For supposedly being focused on marketing the team brand, Garf and co. are sure doing a crap job at promoting it with giveaways.

    Given the lack of payroll, to completely suck at promo giveaways is unacceptable and just par for the course for this cheap and underwhelming front office.

    • SDPads1

      The Russian Nesting Dolls were amazing. I still say 2003 was the last decent year for giveaways. (RJ/Winfield/Chicken bobbleheads, Ozzie Motion Card, Q Stadium replica, awesome retro nights, Gwynn Nesting Dolls, etc etc)

    • We used to joke that one of the (many) wonderful aspects of having a kid would be to gain access to the kids-only giveaways on Sundays. So, of course, the Padres stop those the year that we actually have a kid.

      • SingingFriar

        My dad made a game of it because the kids got the best giveaways. They used to have Sunday season tickets so he’d fine a disinterested early teen kid who got the giveaway and offered him/her $5 or whatever for the giveaway. The kid was thrilled and my dad got his awesome giveaway.

      • SDPads1

        HA! I considered adopting just so I would have a kid for kid giveaways. Turns out they want you to be responsible and stuff and don’t give up kids that easily.

      • IT WAS THE ONLY REASON I AGREED WITH MY WIFE THAT WE SHOULD HAVE ONE! Grrr…no Matchbox cars? No lunch boxes? What the hell?!?!?! I’m more angry about this promotional schedule than I am with them not signing a pitcher.

  • Melvin

    On the plus side, an alternate new/old friar logo sighting on the beach towel! That and the social media shirts are the only times I recall the team actually using that logo.

    • SDPads1

      They gave away Friar shirts last year on May 5th that were pretty cool. I still wear my SM shirt too, that was solid.

  • Beerfest = great! I always enjoy that.

    Chase Headley bobblehead = fail! He’s a switch hitter for Pete’s sake. Make him left handed this time. Put him in a retro uniform. Geesh!

    • SDPads1

      Beerfest sells itself!!

    • “Enjoy” is probably too tame a word for how you celebrate Beerfest.

    • Dis

      I turned his bat half a turn less on his old one so it looks like he was striking out, as was appropriate for 2010 Chase. I’d let 2013 Chase hit.