Last week I examined the disappointing 2013 Padres Promotional Schedule. To put it nicely, fans were underwhelmed by the lack of giveaways and the quality of those giveaways and the promotional events left a lot to be desired.

Often times fans in general are quick to trash something but sometimes aren’t realistic (“ARGHHH Y U NO TRADE FOR STANTON PADRES!!!”) or don’t provide any ideas to solving the problem (“ARGGGHHHHH THE PADRES NEED TO SIGN A PREMIERE SS! Y THEY NO GET ONE!!! Oh, what is that? There wasn’t one available? Oh….well I’m still going to yell because I have NO ANSWERS…ARGHHHH”). I plan to be both realistic and give some new ideas to spice up this bland schedule. I won’t come up with outlandish stuff like Turn Ahead the Clock Night (That’s for you Wayne), giveaways every day of the week or have an absurd bobblehead set* of past owners (I’m looking at you Ghost). I will use the Padres current schedule, use the nights that they have already assigned (PCL, 80’s, ’98) and work with what I have been given. Hopefully I come through for the fans!

First let’s take a look at last years attendance numbers breakdown so I can get a general feel** for the ebb and flow of the crowds:

1. LA Angels of Anaheim               36,264 average (3 games)
2. New York Mets                           32,011 average (3 games)
3. San Francisco Giants                 31,628 average (9 games)
4. Seattle Mariners                         29,501 average (3 games)
5. Los Angeles Dodgers                 29,426 average (9 games)
6. Miami Marlins                            29,283 average (3 games)
7. Cincinnati Reds                           27,363 average (4 games)
8. Texas Rangers                             26,382 average (3 games)
9. Chicago Cubs                               26,123 average (3 games)
10. Philadelphia Phillies                 24,879 average (4 games)
11. Houston Astros                           24,872 average (4 games)
12. Arizona Diamondbacks             24,822 average (9 games)
13. Colorado Rockies                        24,103 average (9 games)
14. St. Louis Cardinals                     21,470 average (3 games)
15. Pittsburgh Pirates                       20,865 average (3 games)
16. Atlanta Braves                             19,463 average (3 games)
17. Milwaukee Brewers                     17,088 average (3 games)
18. Washington Nationals                16,703 average (3 games)

Days of the Week
1. Saturday                         33,615 average (13 games)
2. Friday                             29,377 average (13 games)
3. Sunday                           27,148 average (13 games)
4. Thursday                       25,994 average (9 games)
5. Tuesday                         23,423 average (12 games)
6. Monday                         21,723 average (8 games)
7. Wednesday                   20,239 average (13 games)

1. June                                 28,203 average (12 games)
2. September                      27,366 average (15 games)
3. July                                  26,984 average (11 games)
4. August                              26,440 average (15 games)
5. May                                   25,694 average (13 games)
6. April                                  23,187 average (15 games)

1. Night                                  27,041 average (52 games)
2. Day                                     24,744 average (29 games)


Tuesday April 9th-
Theirs-Opening Day T-Shirt & Schedule Cling

Mine- Sure we’ll stick with the Opening Day T-Shirt & Schedule Cling giveaway. That’s pretty standard. It doesn’t really matter who the Padres are playing or on what day. It’s going to be packed for sure. But we are going to change the shirt so it doesn’t LOOK like a free t-shirt. Even though they are playing the Dodgers that day I will allow the Blue this one time and go with the Home shirsey (jersey design on a shirt). I personally despise all the replica jerseys because all of them look cheap (technically they are though). And although I hate the Home unis, they haven’t done anything like this before and this would be a good way to get the fans to actually look like the team on the field. Schedule cling…leave it as is.

Friday April 12th-Sunday the 14th
Theirs- Ultimate Cookout on the 12th & a Chase Headley Bobblehead the 13th (Nothing on the 14th)

Mine- Look, it’s safe to say that I am Mr. Bobblehead in San Diego (or at least tied with Padres Producer extraordinaire Ed Barnes) but even I think this is odd. Headley just had one in 2010 and it’s the same exact pose (minus the Silver bat). He’s a switch hitter and a Golden Glove winner so perhaps they could have mixed it up a bit and put him on the other side or fielding? I am shocked that these are the promotions they are giving the fans when they are playing in the lowest attended month (April) against the lowest attended NL West opponent (Rockies). Perhaps they were throwing in the (rally) towel on this?

I would go all out with a Chase Headley weekend here. Make him feel loved Padres and Padres fans. I would start on Friday with Chase Headley mask-on-a-stick’s. I miss those things. I was stoked when I got the Chicken one recently, plus I have a Jerry Coleman and a Steve Garvey one (Cammy Goatee you will be mine someday). You can still have your Ultimate Cookout before the game. I like BBQ and I like hanging out with friends, but Chase will also feel loved (or creeped out) when all of the fans look exactly like him during the game! Then on Saturday honor him with a Silver Slugger/Gold Glove ceremony and give away a mini silver bat/gold glove combo display. And bring back kids days on Sundays! Have a Headley autograph session for all the kids after the game while all the dads who had kids especially for this purpose can sit back and swoon over Chase (*cough Vocal Minority David cough*).

Friday April 26th-Sunday the 28th
Theirs-Fireworks on Friday April 26th and then nothing else.

Mine- Friday can be Fireworks still. The Giants draw well at Petco anyways. But Saturday looks like a perfect spot to start my “Great moments in Padres history” bobblehead set. As I said, the Padres have totally ignored their history. If you want to be a great fan and really feel like a part of the team, you need to know some key things in that teams history. Geoff Young knows these key things, but he also knows the cup size of Andujar Cedeno somehow increased in between the 1995 and 1996 seasons.

If we wanted to be jerks about it this could be the perfect spot for 1989 with Tony Gwynn on first base as Will Clark shakes his head in disbelief after being beaten out for the batting title. But we won’t be jerks because the Giants can be bigger jerks. Instead we’ll go with the famous Nate Colbert pose while he’s sitting with his bat in hand with baseballs in front of him like so…

BAM! Right there. That is Padres history. 5 home runs. 13 rbis. 1 day. Hopefully this is something that would drive actual Padres fans to Petco as opposed to being overrun by Giants fans. That throwback alone would get national buzz. On Sunday have a Chase Headley mini silver bat, so kids can beat each other senseless but it also ties into the whole great hitting theme of the previous days giveaway. They also did some specific kids events in years past. Kids run the bases. Kids catch fly balls. Kids get batting tips. This would be a good spot to have some batting tips.

Friday May 3rd-Sunday May 5th
Theirs – Beerfest on the 3rd, Beach Towels on the 4th, Nothing on the 5th

Beerfest is a favorite among Padre fans, especially the fans here at Padres Public. I give props on the towel design this is solid work. Probably the best weekend on the entire schedule in my opinion and it’s against the D-Backs (12th) in May (2nd worst) so they could use the help.

Mine- Beerfest and the towel will stay. Solid work. People love beach towels in San Diego and they love beer. Sunday I would have a “Rootbeerfest” so the kids can enjoy their own Beerfest and get them all hyped up on sugar and have the strict Padres ushers yell at them for being too noisy and fidgety in their seat the whole game.

Friday May 17th-Sunday May 19th
Theirs-80’s Retro Night on the 17th, a t-shirt on the 18th & nothing on the 19th

I dig the 3/4 baseball style tees but the design is yawn worthy. I always love retro nights. It is unclear what uniform they will be wearing but they only have 2 general options for the 80’s and they wore the late 80’s one last season.

Mine- 80’s retro night on Friday! I love all the retro uniforms. Depending on which uniform they go with would depend on how this is planned. I’d go early 80’s and go all out on this and give it a real 80’s vibe. Don’t half ass this. I don’t want to see photoshopped heads of current Padres on 80’s movies posters (but I do like the photoshopped player photos with 80’s hair and facial hair). Bring back Tuba Man (if he’s alive..if not bring in another tuba player). Bring back the Chicken this night! Have some awesome BROWN Knockaround sunglasses as the giveaways when you walk in. Those were a hit last year! And apparently the Yankees have jumped on board with that trend. Don’t let the Yankees steal a San Diego business that is blocks away from Petco! Have 80’s costume contests with some sort of incentive to dress up. An 80’s band in the Park. 80’s facts and trivia on the board. Have the ushers dress up appropriately. Get the legendary Bob Chandler to sit in the booth for an inning or two with Ted & Jerry. Go bananas! You only give the fans a few of these a year. Do it right!
On Saturday I would go with Bobblehead #2 in the set: Tony’s 3000th hit. As I said earlier, Gwynn has NEVER had a Padres bobblehead giveaway in San Diego. He had those awesome Russian Nesting Dolls and that awful figurine where he looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but not much else.

BAM! That right there. It is against the Nationals who didn’t draw well last year and being that the Nationals are the former Expos this would be a good spot for this. Padres fans love Tony. This SHOULD draw.  I would pick something 80’s here but I like this pairing better to draw the fans out. Sunday have kids Topps retro baseball cards. Topps is all about the retro nowadays so this would be an easy tie in.

May 31st
Theirs- Nothing

Mine-They are playing the Toronto Blue Jays that night. Perhaps a LIVE Steve Poltz concert after the game and before the game a Sam the Cooking Guy cooking event? Get it…both are Canadian but both have a spot in the hearts of San Diegans. Viewing the calendars online they are both open that night too. Trust me it’ll work!


*I am told a “crazy/absurd bobblehead sets” post is coming from Avenging Jack Murphy later on in the day
**I can plug away at all the attendance numbers for the past 3 or 4 years and probably determine a general estimate on what the attendance will be on any given night, but I have a life and will not be putting that much effort into this. 1 year is all you get!

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