Steve Poltz: The Predictor

Back on September 19th, 2010 I wrote about the awesomeness that is Steve Poltz for the first time ever on RJ’s Fro. We all know that he’s the Mayor of Niceyville. He’s a killer song writer and performer. He’s a Padres fan. And he’s just an all around good dude.

In that first post, I wrote about the healing powers Steve had over the currently struggling Padres.

With the Padres mired in a 10 game losing streak, a good portion of us fans were doing whatever it took to break the team out of its funk. Bob Scanlan was going crazy on Twitter rooting the team on each and every game. Us bloggers, tried to put up a positive front to try and keep the 3 or 4 fans who don’t have a blog calm. But no one did as much as musician extraordinaire/enormous Padres fan Steve Poltz who attended the game on September 6th. That’s right, not only did his presence that night single handily help end the streak, but his mighty powers reached out and touched a couple players as well.

Ouch. The 10 game losing streak of 2010. I unfortunately remember that. After the win on September 6th, Poltz would go on to give a pep talk to the badly slumping Ryan Ludwick in the clubhouse after that game.


And the pep talk seemed to have worked. At least initially, as these were the stats at the time of that post.

Ludwick as a Padre BEFORE Poltz

126 13 27 5 3 14 13 31 .214 .333 .325 .658


Ludwick as a Padre AFTER Poltz

34 3 12 1 2 7 7 8 .353 .559 .559 1.118

Ludwick wasn’t the only player to feel the impact too.

Next up Tony Gwynn Jr. He broke the hamate bone in his right hand on August 18th in a game against the Cubs and was expected to miss the rest of the season. Next thing you know Steve bestowed his magic upon Little T and he came off the DL on September 13th. So he went from a season ending injury to only spending 25 days on the DL. A miracle? Nah, Gwynn was just Poltzified.


Which leads me to the Padres and Pints episode and this little tidbit.


Lately the Padres seem to be the hot pick for one of the NL Wild Card spots. People like Buster Olney, Peter Gammons and a few others have already jumped on board. Do you know who was on board back in 2012? Steve Poltz, that’s who.


Go check out Steve’s 5th Annual 50th Birthday bash show this Sunday (2/16/14) at the Belly Up Tavern. The Rugburns, Truckee Brothers, Sara Petite and Earl Thomas & the Rhumboogies are also on the bill. I went to last years show it was an absolute blast. My voice was gone. I was sweaty. I was tired. It was the best show ever.

He will also be on the DSC Show on JackFM this morning at 7:30AM (if you are reading this early enough).


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  • Beau Gray

    Steve Poltz is awesome. Picked him up in front of a Burger Lounge one morning, went to the studio and recorded a duet with him. True story. The song is called “Dear Old Friend” off my band Lexington Field’s latest album No Man’s War.