The Fro inks @SanDiegoJosh to a deal

After being critical of the previous off-season, where absolutely nothing was done to improve the team, I set out to put my money where my mouth was and gather a stellar lineup of free agent…..bloggers. Padres Public was born. It appears that it was a pretty successful year too. So what does Padres Public do during the 2014 off-season? Stand pat and “bide our time”? Nay. We go out and make two new additions to the blogging team, adding Oscar (@haha1721) to Avenging Jack Murphy and now Josh (@SanDiegoJosh) to RJ’s Fro. We are excited to have them both join us for the 2014 season….


Hey folks,

I’m supposed to introduce myself.  I’m Josh, I’m married, 2 kids, a baseball addict.

Two baseball memories stand out in my life:

1. The year is 1982 and I was six years old. My dad took me to my first ever baseball game at the Kingdome (RIP).  This was quite an adventure for us because we lived in Bremerton, about an hour long ferry-ride away. Dad took me into that colossus… I saw the field… so, so green. Damn. Green everywhere.  Do you remember your first time seeing that green? Of course you do. Good lord, I’ll never forget that green.

2. On May 12, 2001, Now living in San Diego, I took my kid brother to a Padres game at Jack Murphy for his birthday.  We watched the Padres get no-hit by AJ Burnett in his second career start.  We knew the significance of the moment and we gave the pitcher a standing ovation, knowing that the Padres would surely get their first no-hitter soon. *sigh*

Yada, yada, yada,  I still live in San Diego, and I study Fort Wayne box scores every night. Who doesn’t? I’m an epidemiologist (I do statistics for public health). Other than the Padres, I love Aztecs basketball, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the USMNT. Great movies, TV dramas, and music are also fair game here.



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