Players Wearing Other Teams Hats

This week I was on the Sports Page with Acee and Annie on UT-TV to debate the Padres vs the Chargers. I know plenty about the Padres, but I don’t follow the Chargers that closely, so I brushed up on a few things before hand. I came across the story of Chargers rookie Keenan Allen wearing a Raiders hat in a Vine video that he posted online.


A couple things about that.

1. He plays for the Chargers. The Raiders are an arch rival. Bonehead move.

2. At least he was eating at In-N-Out, so he is not entirely about bad decisions.

Chargers fans were livid. There was name calling, threats of violence, demands for him to be cut and ALL. HOLY. HELL. BROKE. LOOSE. I know this is shocking news, as football fans are normally low key, level headed, upstanding citizens. During the show I was asked by Kevin Acee whether or not I think Padres fans would cause an uproar if a Padre rookie was wearing a Dodgers or Giants hat. I said absolutely. But I don’t think I elaborated enough. First of all, the threats of violence and name calling would not happen. Well, it might happen from a small portion, but for the most part baseball fans know better. Second we’d probably just mock that player and make sure that he got rid of the hat. That’s about the extent of it though. You’d most likely never see a big leaguer wearing another big league team’s hat, considering baseball players wear hats with their uniform, unlike football. Minor Leaguers on the other hand might be spotted wearing another hat.

Now I vaguely remembered a Padres player wearing another teams hat. Who. Was. That. Player???

I’ve got it! Casey Kelly wore a Dodgers hat once. I can’t find pictures of it but I did find this post from Gaslamp Ball. I was slightly irked at the time but as you can see, I was quick to forget about it. I don’t even think he was officially on the Padres when the picture was taken if I recall correctly. It’s not really that big of a deal I guess. I just like seeing a little rivalry.  The reason why I dug the Mat Latos “I hate SF!” ball so much was because you don’t see that too often these days.

How would you guys react if you saw Max Fried or Austin Hedges wearing a Dodgers or Giants hat?

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