Padres to Bring Back the Brown??

I’ve been team “Bring Back the Brown” ever since I first saw the Padres selling retro hats in the team store back in 1999ish. I bought a ’69, ’71 & ’84 one and proceeded to wear the crap out of every single one of those. Granted, I still loved the retro stuff before that, it’s just that’s when my overwhelming love truly took off. So when Jordan and Tony started up the campaign I was all on board with it and did whatever I could to help spread the word.

Fast forward to 2015. Hacksaw posted this comment yesterday morning.

This actually isn’t that big of a stretch based on everything that I’ve heard, and kind of pieced together on my own, as well. However, I can’t say for sure if that is true, but the “internal discussions” part doesn’t make sense because the submission deadline for new uniforms is quickly approaching (early May). The uniforms should be finalized, or at least very close to it, by now. So it’s very likely that their minds are made up one way or another.

Would this be a step in the right direction?


On one hand it potentially silences a small portion of the brown supporters. They have a new brown uniform that will be out there every single year no matter what, even if it’s only 1 night a week. One might question how this is different from retro nights? With throwbacks, there is a chance that they go with the 90’s unis one year and there are no brown throwback days (like 2013). With a brown uniform in the rotation, it assures you of some brown every year and also the chance for potentially more appearances since it’s already approved by MLB (they have to approve absolutely everything). Also, brown is now slightly in the team’s color palate so that opens up options for more brown merch.

However, this could also be viewed more as throwing a band aid on the situation or perhaps even screwing up the situation even more. They still will have a confused identity with a hodge podge mix of colors. Monday through Thursday will be whatever color scheme they go with (blue? red?), Friday brown, Saturday the normal color scheme and then Sunday camo. It could be confusing. Also will the potential new brown uniform be an improvement over any of the retros? What does this mean for retro nights going forward?

So many questions, so few answers. It’s safe to say that the odds of new uniforms are overwhelmingly high with the All-Star game coming to San Diego next year. After being ranked at the bottom of nearly every list, it’s clear they need to make a change before they have the spotlight on them. We’ll have to wait until the off-season to see these uniforms though, but there’s a chance we get a sneak peek at the direction they went when the All-Star game logo is unveiled this season. Stay tuned.

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