Padres History Lesson

I am a huge fan of the history of the game and you should be too. You can’t know where you are going, until you know where you’ve been. So I’m here to help out.

Here’s your history lesson. Watch this video. It’s called Nineteen Summers and is a video on the Padres MLB history, up to the 1988 season. There will be a quiz on it here at Padres Public this Thursday. Make sure you’ve watched the Old Padres Commercials post from last week as well. You’ll e-mail me your answers and all the people who get 100% on it will be entered into a drawing. One person will win a bundle of awesome Padres vintage goodies. Sounds like fun right?

So get to watching and I’ll be back on Thursday.


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  • Just downloaded the videos. This stuff is pre-’96, so some, if not all, might be new to me. I’m actually going to try this quiz. This better be fun, Rick! ;-p

    • SDPads1

      Awesome! Thanks for watching, I’m glad it’s new to you. There’s a little extra added pressure on the quiz/prizes now 🙂