Padres Get New Uniforms….is what these old articles said.

This past weekend, I came across a 1985 Padres Spring Training program at an estate sale. Anytime I see a program, magazine, newspaper or whatever of the Padres, I scoop it up immediately and add it to my collection. I love reading through these things because first of all, the ads are always fantastic (ly horrible?) and second it’s fascinating to see what was being said about the team at that particular time. Notable in this program is an article about the new uniforms for the 1985 season.



For as long as I can remember, I always knew that the same San Francisco design firm that created the Giants uniforms at the time, also designed the Padres 1985 uniforms. And if you didn’t know that you could kind of gather as much by comparing the two.


Padres Home Wordmark 1985-1990


Giants Home Wordmark 1983-1993


Padres Away Wordmark 1985-1990


Giants Away Wordmark 1983-1993

But one thing I found interesting was how blatantly the Padres knew it was a rip off, based on this quote here:

Largely unpopular among the fans and the players, themselves, the new uniforms will be the culmination of a two year project to change the Padres’ image. Designed by the San Francisco design firm of Sidajakou, Berman and Gomez, the uniforms have a strong resemblance to those worn by the San Francisco Giants. This is the same firm that created the wardrobe worn by the Giants last year, considered by some to be the finest in baseball.

I always assumed that it was just “fan talk” when people said that the Padres ripped off the Giants, however the team openly came out and said so. This teams identity crisis goes back a lot further than I realized. However it is interesting to read that the Padres were the first major league team ever to have pinstripes on the road.

Since we looked at the 1985 uniform change, let’s also take a look at the 1991 change.



A couple things that stand out in this article is that 2 different companies designed this set. H.L. Goodman & Sons were in charge of the homes and Rawlings Sporting Goods did the roads. Also notable (and depressing) is this quote here.

Among the obvious changes, at least to the discriminating eye, is the team’s departure from being the only major league baseball team with brown as its major theme.

Almost as depressing as announcing the arrival of Wes Gardner and John Costello. Almost.


And now for something completely different.





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  • FreakSammy

    I remember when the change was made and how it WAS commented on at the time, that while the team was in desperate need of a new uniform, ripping off the Giants was not acceptable.

    • ballybunion

      I remember that too, and the fans were VERY critical of the font. The ’84 lettering was much preferred.