As I woke up this morning, I scanned Twitter and spotted this tweet.

I feel that it’s safe to say that Hacksaw may stretch the truth a bit on Twitter from time to time.

However, in this case, I can confirm that the news is indeed sadly true.

Andy Masur has worked for the Padres since 2007, however he was terribly underutilized with the team last season. He was usually strictly partnered with the legendary Jerry Coleman, and his limited schedule, and despite doing a terrific job filling in for TV in 2012, he saw no action in that field. Occasionally he could be seen on Padres POV as well hosting small segments. That is way too much downtime for someone as talented as Andy.

He has a voice that’s perfect for radio, was knowledgeable about the game and was a true pros-pro. The fans loved him, so this will be a huge loss. I fully expect him to find a new, and well deserved, job somewhere else.

We had a great time with Andy at the Knockaround Padres Pep Rally last season and he’ll be missed here.



Other Media Notes:

-Sadly this will be the first season since 1971, where the legendary Jerry Coleman won’t be calling Padres games. That’s a void that will never be filled.

-Presumably Ted Leitner and Bob Scanlan will be returning for the 2014 season to call the games on the radio. They seem to have a solid work relationship and make a great team, but losing the Coleman/Masur combo is a huge blow on the radio side.

-Hacksaw also commented in that same tweet above, that Jesse Agler will be hired, which you already know, but will be doing radio and TV work as well as the online stuff. This I can’t confirm, but is definitely a possibility. He could serve the utility role that Masur filled brilliantly over the years.

-No word on the TV stuff but it’s safe to assume that Dick Enberg and Mark Grant will be returning to the TV booth for 2014. It’s also safe to say that Tony Gwynn has a job as long as he wants it too.

Mark Sweeney has had a relatively low key off-season, so his status is unknown. Mike Pomeranz on the other hand, has hosted numerous shows and it’s fairly clear he will be returning in 2014.

-It’s pretty obvious that Megan Olivi will not be returning to Padres POV this year. In a move that was swept under the rug last year, she re-joined the UFC. Also Kelly Crull has been doing stuff in Chicago for much of the off-season, so it appears she will be leaving as well. Laura McKeeman (Rutledge) appeared to be the lone survivor from the three ladies, as she was busy hosting practically every show on Fox Sports San Diego this off-season. However, she has been noticeably absent on #SDLive lately and recently removed the “FOX SPORTS” part from her Twitter bio.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.36.28 AM

I could be looking too much into it, but sadly it seems like the fans of San Diego will witness yet another complete turnover in these roles. When Fox Sports San Diego was first launched Leila Rahimi, Cary Chow and Britt McHenry ushered in the new era. McHenry lasted a few games and was back in Washington DC, Chow left for the big time at ESPN and Rahimi moved on to Houston. Of those 6 on-air talents, McHenry and Olivi went back to their old jobs and Rahimi and Crull moved on to other cities, so I wouldn’t say that people are exactly using Fox Sports San Diego as a launching pad for their career but for some reason or another things didn’t work out here.

This clearly is a problem for a city that has become accustomed to seeing the same familiar faces on their TV’s throughout the years. You can probably count on both your hands every single on-air host during the Channel 4 days. San Diegans like seeing the same familiar faces that they’ve learned to know and trust over the years. With the exception of McHenry, whom I didn’t see enough of, I’d be perfectly happy seeing any of those 5 people every year greeting me and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However all of those people went through some speed bumps early on as they were learning the city and team. Now the fans will be forced to go through more speed bumps. Hopefully I won’t be writing this again in 2015.

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