Padres Announce 2014 Promotional Schedule

Yesterday the Padres announced the promotional schedule for the upcoming season. In an added twist, four of the items were unveiled to the public on Twitter before the schedule was released.

Hey! I know that last guy. I also know that my phone absolutely blew up after posting that tweet. The Padres were kind enough to give three lucky bloggers a chance to reveal an item to the world. I loved the idea. Granted many of our followers also follow the Padres account, I think spreading it out a bit created more of a buzz, as fans waited in anticipation to see what item would be revealed next and who would reveal it.

After the last few years of underwhelming efforts, word was quickly spreading that this would be “the best promotional schedule ever”. Did it live up to those words? Lets find out.


There are 3, count them, 1, 2, 3, Beerfests this season (Spring 5/2, Summer 6/6 & Fall 9/19). With the exception of one, I’ve been to every Beerfest (big shocker, right?) to date. I can confirm that every single one of these have been immensely popular. They haven’t always been run like a well oiled engine, but they are still popular. It’s a nice event that brings a bunch of different local breweries together in one spot. It just feels San Diego-y, if that’s a thing?

Padres Brownout and a tribute to the 1984 team (5/23) is fittingly against the Cubs.

More booze appears on the schedule as Winefest (8/1) returns again in 2014. 11 Taco Tuesday’s (every Tuesday game, except Opening Day), 4 College Night’s (2 in May, 2 in September) and 10 Kids Fest’s (Various Sundays) have also been added. There are no details on if the #KotsayTacos are returning, if I’ll ever be allowed into the wild party known as College Night or if clowns are allowed at Kids Fest. Clowns are the worst, man.

There are also 2 Fireworks nights (5/9 – Petco 10th Anniversary & 6/27 – Summer Sky Blast). I really enjoy Fireworks, but in the past few years it seemed like every weekend was a Firework weekend, and it kind of diluted the uniqueness of the boom shows. Toning it down to 2 times this season should assure a decent crowd, even if those games are against the Marlins and Diamondbacks, two notorious low attendance teams.


There are 3 replica jerseys this season. A current Alternate Jedd Gyorko (4/19), a 1984 brown away (5/24-See Above) and a current Camo Andrew Cashner (7/19). I have long criticized “replica jerseys” in the past. They always look awful and cheap and I’d rather have a shirsey instead. This year though that ’84 jersey looks legit. Stitching, buttons and brown? Sign me up. I wonder if they’ll add some ’84 names to the back or just leave it blank? Garvey, Gwynn, Gossage and Wiggins perhaps? Lets hope that some duck calls come with the Cashner jersey too.

Knockaround sunglasses (5/25) returns for their 3rd year in a row and like last year, will be giving out the shades during a #brown games. Solid.

There is also a long sleeve shirt (4/12-See Above) depicting a guy surfing on the SD, because of course there is. Another Beat LA shirt (6/21), that will most likely be in the Dodger colors of Blue & White, appears on the schedule again. A few hats also made the cut starting with the traditional Opening Day hat (4/1). It’s followed by another Fedora Hat (6/28-See Above), the triumphant return of the Floppy Hat (8/2) and lastly the intriguing Mesh Hat (8/30).


Back in December there was a Social Media fan vote to determine the final promotional item. The nominees were #PadsBobble, #PadsArt and #PetcoReplica. Despite my best efforts, the Padres track record in the bobblehead game has not exactly been the best, therefore a replica of Petco Park won the contest fairly easily.

Which is odd because there is no replica of Petco Park on the schedule, but there is a bobblehead (9/20) and canvas art (5/10) on there. The bobblehead has no name attached to it currently. As someone who might have a bobblehead or two, I took a guess at who the mystery bobble may be.

It seems like the perfect fit right? Obviously the Padres have a few things lined up to honor Jerry Coleman this season. The star patch on the jerseys, an awesome station at FanFest where you can record your favorite memories of the Colonel and I assume there will be some sort of ceremony at one of the “Opening” games. Could this bobblehead be another? Well I have been told it won’t be him unfortunately. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who it is. As I’ve said repeatedly, Tony Gwynn & Trevor Hoffman have never had a bobblehead giveaway in San Diego, could this is be the year?

The beach towel (6/7 – See Above) is always a hit in San Diego and the beach blanket (5/3) is a nice new addition.

That about covers it for the schedule-excluding all the “Salutes” or “Appreciations” listed. There appears to be room to add a lot more to the schedule, but as it stands now, it falls way short of the “best promo schedule ever.” It is still considerably better than at least the last 5 years though and with a couple tweaks, could easily be one of the best.

Adding another Beerfest, the awesome ’84 replica jersey, Knockarounds, the mystery bobblehead, the scaled back firework schedule and towel stand out as my favorites. What do you think?

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  • I want a Champ Summers brown replica jersey.

  • Tim Stoops

    I would vote it an O for “I’m moving out of Ohio to get these items!” I’m seriously impressed with how much is being given away. I already emailed my dad with the 1984 jersey game date to say “I sure hope you’re going to this game.” Now I’m going to have to send a follow up that says “These too.”

    I’m also pleased to see the return of “All fans in attendance” language. Is this new to 2014 or did I miss it last year? I got the ringer t-shirt at the only Petco game I made it to last season, but I can’t recall if it was given to everyone.

    Great review of all the items. I wonder if they’ll have a booth at FanFest showing all/most/some of the giveaways like they have in the past. I always enjoyed that.

    • The last few years it’s been to the first 20,000 fans (Could have been 25,000, I’m not sure) and kid’s giveaways were the first 10.000.

    • SDPads1

      Thanks Tim, if they have a table setup Ill definitely be tweeting out pictures that day.

  • Lonnie Brownell

    The best is yet to come: When the first 30k get a brown Friar’s robe. Make it happen, Mike Dee.