Padres and Indians: The Promotional Schedule Breakdown

Nate of the Vocal Minority had a fantastic post this morning about the Padres and Indians off-season. Two comparable cities/franchises but with two entirely different off-seasons. This led Twitter follower @PointerDave to comment:

Ask and ye shall receive Dave!

What do the Indians have in store for their Promotional Schedule? I was shocked to look at how long their list was.

-15 $1 Hot Dog Nights
-12 Kids Days (Every Sunday)
-16 Fireworks Nights (Set to some cool themes: Beatles, Hendrix, Woodstock & Blues Brothers to name a few)
-An Albert Belle Bobblehead (6/1), Omar Vizquel Bobblehead (7/8) & a Rocky Colavito HOF Plaque (8/10)
-A ton of wearables: Bourn, Swisher, Brantley & Kipnis Replica Jerseys, a rally CAP (not towel), mesh trucker hat, throwback hats & throwback jersey shirts

Here I thought it was going to take me a couple minutes to write this up only to realize that it was going to take me that long to just read every giveaway/event that the Indians are having this year. Their list is massive when compared to the Padres.

When I always complain about how the Padres have ENTIRELY lost touch with their history, people often respond with “Well the Padres don’t have as long of a history as Team X”. The Indians have a long history but are honoring “Joey” Belle, who retired in 2000 and Vizquel, who retired last year, with bobbleheads this year. The Padres have plenty of players who they could honor. Tony Gwynn has NEVER had a giveaway bobblehead. Trevor Hoffman has NEVER had a giveaway bobblehead. Those are probably the 2 greatest Padres in their history yet they’ve been neglected there. Why is that? (Don’t worry they both make an appearance in my vision of a better schedule this Thursday.)

The Indians wearables are awesome. They balance it out so they have both retro stuff, while also marketing new players and the current uniforms by having current stuff as well. Every Sunday is kids days and they have a ton of Fireworks nights set to some really cool themes. They also have other things like calendars, flags and backpacks that I did not mention above. Personally there are at least 2 nights a month where I would really want to go to a game for the promotions. I envy you Cleveland.*

*When it comes to promotional schedules, everything else though you can have.

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