Padres Add Promotions

As you’ve read here a time or twenty before, promotions are kind of my thing. On Sunday morning I was alerted by Padres President Tom Garfinkel via Twitter that my voice, along with many others, has been heard and to look at the cover of the U-T.

I don’t get the U-T anymore so I immediately went looking for this online. I could not find anything. Finally the good folks at Gaslamp Ball tweeted me a screen shot.


Let’s break it down…

Every Tuesday starting July 9th will be Taco Tuesdays. There will be $1 tacos and $5 park passes for these days.
Love this idea and it is uniquely San Diego. Well done!

Sunday kids days returns! Kidsfest at the Park will be every Sunday starting July 14th.
Another great idea here. I don’t have kids, but I know a lot of people who do have kids, and they hated it when they got rid of the kids themed Sundays. I discussed this before: kids are the future fans of the Padres. They did a great job with the Little League uniforms but then took a huge step backwards when they got rid of the kids days. Do everything in your power to make these kids fans of this team.

Friday July 12th Padres Fedora Hat
Here’s the thing, I’m not a huge fedora guy BUT this is different than any promotional item that they have ever done AND Mark Grant is a huge fedora guy. I’m going to love seeing him hype up this giveaway in the days leading up to it. The only item with a picture and it’s perfectly placed next to the mic. Another solid effort here.


Saturday July 13th Padres Smartphone Cover
I really don’t know what to make of this one. There are a lot of smartphones out there and all of them are shaped differently so you can’t exactly have a one size fits all cover. This will be a wait and see judgement.

Saturday August 17th SD Flip Flops
A uniquely San Diego item. This is what it’s all about, getting creative and staying unique to your city. I absolutely love this giveaway and actually had it listed on Part 2 of my own Promotion Schedule (which will be posted this week for sure).

Friday August 23rd Padres Reusable Grocery Bag
Nothing to write home about, but it’s not terrible. I’m all about saving the environment and use these bags all the time. I give this item 1.5 thumbs up.

Monday September 2nd $1 Hot Dog Night
This item wasn’t listed on the picture above but Garfinkel tweeted it out. Cheap hot dogs are always great. It’s a day game against the Giants on Labor Day.

Saturday September 7th Padres Luchador Mask
They did this one time in the past a few years ago. I think they are hilarious to be honest and they are pretty unique to San Diego. Well done again!

Friday September 20th Padres BBQ Set
Another solid showing here. San Diego=The perfect BBQ city. My only issue with this is they are giving it away when Summer is wrapping up. Luckily we do live in San Diego so it’s BBQ season all year long, it would just make more sense to give it away during the Summer. They had better get RJ to hype up this giveaway.

Saturday September 21st Xolos Night and Xolos/Padres Soccer Scarf
The soccer scarf that they gave away a few years back was a complete hit. That is the one item that I rarely see for sale anywhere due to everyone keeping theirs. This is the perfect pairing with the Xolos and is also uniquely San Diego. Great addition.

All in all this is solid work by the Padres. Also of note there is a Message from the Ownership in that ad signed by Ron Fowler. Gaslamp Ball broke it down already so go check that out.

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  • Sac Bunt Melvin

    Love love love most of these, especially taco tuesdays. I’m such a sucker for for buying things in bulk.

    • SDPads1

      Easily my favorite new promotion too. There is just so much right with it that it can’t be wrong…whatever that means.

  • SDPads1

    Also of note: Tom Garfinkel told me earlier this year that there will be more bobbleheads next year.

  • VM David

    Glad to see the Kids Sundays back, hoping they will include a giveaway in the future if they don’t this year. Either way, bringing them back is a step in the right direction in and of itself.

    • DaveRiceSD

      Agree on this one – Sunday games are great to take my daughter, as the night games are tough especially during school given homework and bedtimes…we’ve enjoyed the schwag (I still have a picture from her first game ever in a frame they were giving to kids that day, think it was in ’07), but also the ‘experience’ promos like kids-run-the-bases days.

      I’m all over that fedora like white on rice…

  • Congratulations, Rick. Your hoarding has paid off.

  • bp – lobshots

    nice work Rick… love that Garfinkel gave you a shoutout.