On this Day: The first ever Padres Public Tweets!

Today is an important date in Padres Public history. It’s the 1 year anniversary of our first ever tweets!


There was a lot of behind the scenes discussions early on at Padres Public. What would the name be (Beautown came up with Padres Public)? Who would design the logos/banners/etc (Thank you Ms. Fro)? What about the website (Melvin Bunt did a fantastic job there)? Finally as we started to get within a few weeks of the launch it was time for the hype machine to begin. There were 20 million blogs out there at the time, and yes while getting 12 sites together was different, if we just came out and said “hey we are joining forces and starting a blog”, it wouldn’t be as unique or fun. So I went with the mysterious first two tweets and then proceeded to bust out a few haiku’s over the next few weeks.

And then came the hilarious tall tales from Padres Public members.


And then others started to join in on the fun. Keep in mind, absolutely no one knew exactly what Padres Public was besides the members.

And then I started to “introduce” Padres Public to all the San Diego media.


It was a fun few weeks of mystery and numerous people asked me repeatedly, “what is Padres Public?” Finally I filled Brady from Lobshots in on the secret and he posted a few posts about it.

What the Hell is “Padres Public”?

Sorry Folks, Padres Public is Not an Actual Pub

Padres Public Revealed

2013 was a fun ride and we look forward to having even more fun in 2014.

Thanks for reading!

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