Old Padres Commercials

About a week or so ago the Padres unveiled their latest commercial. It featured Padres Hall of Famer Randy Jones and current pitcher Andrew Cashner.

There is so much awesomeness in that one commercial. You’ve got RJ in his 1978 jersey (although the 1971 hat is wrong, but still awesome), Cash in the current camo jersey with his mullet flowing beautifully out of the 90’s throwback hat and a little humor to go with it.

I love the commercials that promote the players and have a little humor to them. The fans feel a connection to the players when they see stuff like that and is usually far more powerful than just promoting the team.

As I was browsing You Tube last night I came across two old commercials that I have never seen before.

The first one is a commercial from 1983 with the slogan the Padres are “madder than ever” and features Jerry Coleman, Steve Garvey, Garry Templeton & Dick Williams. Amazing.

The second is one that I’ve actually been trying to track down forever. It’s a commercial from 1981 that features legendary car salesman Cal Worthington promoting a Padres t-shirt giveaway. He used to always walk into his commercials on some random animal, so for this commercial he rides in on the San Diego Chicken. According to Andy Strasberg, the team was on the road when this was shot so he got the SDSU baseball team to fill in. One of those players? Tony Gwynn. He can be seen at the very end of the commercial wearing Broderick Perkins’ #15. That was his first ever “appearance” as a San Diego Padre. Later on that year he’d be drafted in the 3rd round of the June amateur draft by the Padres.

Here are some other ones I came across, that you most likely have seen but I’ll post them anyways. Enjoy!

*EDIT: I just found the complete Tony Gwynn Total Baseball collection on there. It really takes me back to when I was a kid!


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  • GoldenBoy

    So Good

  • DaveRiceSD

    Wow! I was awed by the Cal Worthington bit, but then you come with the Total Baseball tapes? I could watch ’em another 100 times, but I’d probably still be no better off than when I was 9…

    • SDPads1

      Ha! Yeah I watched those tapes many times when I was a kid. For some reason I never could hit like Tony Gwynn though 🙂

  • Sam Neher

    do you by chance know a place to find the commercial where Trevor has Aki pick a walk-in song or the one where the pitchers are hitting home runs with the rubber ball?