New Padres Pre-Game show for 2014??

I’ve heard rumblings for the past few weeks, that the Padres (not Fox Sports San Diego) will be creating a new pre-game show for the 2014 season. I don’t have a lot of details but the idea appears for it to be viewable LIVE online (at before every game with hopes to “engage the fans” of San Diego. It also appears that social media will play a big part in the show.  I can even confirm that they will be building a broadcast studio inside Petco Park to produce daily content, host interviews with players/personnel and, of course, facilitate the new pre-game show.

All this sounds slightly similar to the show that the Miami Dolphins did called The Finsiders. That show was also available on the radio and the first hour was on TV in Miami, so it’s possible the Padres version may make an appearance on TV or radio as well, but I’m just speculating here. The Dolphins describe their show like this:

“The highly interactive show also features the opinions of Dolphins fans from around the world They can call the show at 1-8-555-GO-FINS; text their questions and comments to 347347; they can participate in the show’s live chat, which is a place for the fans and the on-air personalities to discuss the day’s topics; and they can reach out to the host and analysts on Twitter.”

I stumbled upon another piece of the puzzle today when Darren Smith posted this tweet.


The tweet was cryptic and I took the bait and questioned the comment. When someone asked if it had to do with the Padre colors Darren replied with this..


Being a Dolphin fan, I follow a lot of Dolphin accounts on my other Twitter account and remembered seeing that Jesse Agler (host of The Finsider), would be leaving Miami to seek other opportunities.


With the Padres/Dolphins connections all over the place (it’s quite confusing times for me), I kind of then put 2 and 2 together and figured he would be coming on board for the rumored Padres show. I can’t confirm it yet but all signs point to this being the case.

I’ve watched a few of the Finsider shows online and have heard nothing but great things about him among the Dolphins community and media. I’ve personally enjoyed his work and think it’s a solid pickup for the Padres. But you’re asking “What does a football guy know about baseball?!?” Agler has worked in baseball before doing some fill-in assignments calling play-by-play for the Miami Marlins and even got his start in broadcasting by calling wood bat Summer leagues.

The show is a great idea in San Diego considering there is still a portion of the city who can’t view Padres games on TV. This could hopefully help ease the sting a tiny bit for those Time Warner customers who want to view something Padres related. Plus adding Agler is an excellent pickup on the broadcast side. I look forward to finding out more details and will let you know when I do.

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